Technical Competence

We are always searching for great technologies to succeed in our pursuit of excellence.

Technologies we use combined with our expertise let's us provide outstanding quality solutions to our customers. Choosing the best of technologies ensure's the sustainability and quality in our projects.

Search (eZ Find)

eZ Find is an enterprise-ready search plugin for eZ Publish. Based on the Lucene Java/ Solr search library, eZ Find makes it possible to search multiple eZ Publish installations simultaneously.

Whether you have an e-commerce site, an article-rich magazine archive, a busy newssite, or a directory of contacts, a site-based search engine is of utmost importance.Site visitors need to quickly and easily locate information by receiving relevant searchresults. With the right search engine, your site’s valuable content can be assured ofreaching the right people in the right contexts.

eZ Find is a plugin that adds fully-featured search capabilities to the world-class,enterprise-grade Content Management System (CMS) eZ Publish. Based on the ApacheSolr / Lucene search library, eZ Find makes it possible to search multiple sites and eZPublish installations simultaneously. High scalability and performance ensures that theeZ Find search engine can support enterprise-level sites.

With eZ Find, you can have a complete inventory of your digital assets and user searchexperiences are made enjoyable and efficient. Sophisticated relevancy ranking ofresults, drill-down navigation, a wealth of multilingual features, and search phrase spellchecking are just some of eZ Find’s capabilities.

Main feachures of eZ Find:

  • Tuneable relevancy ranking
  • Sorting, filtering, and drill-down navigation
  • Search hints for users
  • Multilingual
  • Engineered for performance

High performance / scalability

Maintenance and performance of web sites during peak load require appropriate technology support, as well as knowledge and experience in optimizing the system for such heavy load.

Scalability with properly configured and implemented eZ publish CMS is proven on a range of our projects, and the best example is the Iskon Internet web site.

Optimization system for heavy loads include:

  • Optimization of basic services (MySQL, PHP, Apache web server)
  • Cache optimization mechanisms
    • template cache, view cache, static cache
  • Server configuration
    • database clustering
    • web server clustering
  • Implementation of advanced search technology (eZ Find / Lucene / Solr)
  • Use of HTTP accelerators (varnish)

Netgen has the knowledge and experience required to ensure support for Your investment in the most important moment, when it succeeds.

Ineroperability skills

There is a number of web sites that need integration with third-party applications. Whether it's integration with external systems (Gmaps, YouTube, Facebook) or integration with internal back end applications client (CRM, ERP, custom made applications), Netgen has the expertise to do it.

We use technologies appropriate for specific projects while working by industry standards to integrate heterogeneous systems with eZ Publish (SOAP / REST web services).

Examples of successful integration of CMS with other systems:

Media solutions

Vibrant sites are all about content flow, getting the most engaging and timely content streams onto the site’s critical portal pages. Built on the top of eZ Publish as a result of collaboration and experience with media customers, the eZ Flow extension enables editors to build complex page layouts and pre-plan the publication schedule to ensure a constant flow of rich content. In short, eZ Flow brings modern portal management possibilities to eZ Publish.

News and media are no longer a one-way conversation. Not only do visitors read articles, watch videos and listen to music, they expect to interact with other visitors and with the editorial team. They expect to be able to personalize their experience.

To help news and media companies meet these challenges, eZ Publish provides a world-class enterprise-grade Content Management System (CMS) with a suite of features that enables companies to build rich, engaging websites.

Portal management

  • Layouts based on zones and blocks
  • Rich media
  • Fetch content from different sources
  • Integrate your publishing process

Editorial workflow

  • Search, order, hide, and push content
  • Schedule the content flow
  • Increase traffic and audience
  • Manage flow like a smart playlist

Web applications

If Your project requires more than a regular web site, with various types of content and additional requirements or application functionality, Netgen provides development of custom web applications.

Our solutions based on different technologies, from modified eZ Publish framework, to programming in development environments such as. NET framework, PHP or Java.

Examples of web applications that we designed are online sale of tickets in Theatron information system, Apronet information system, etc.

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Netgen was involved in the relaunch of our corporate website. Their knowledge of eZ Publish combined with a great, professional and dedicated attitude made us succeed on time.

Bertrand Maugain, eZ Systems VP

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