Blog post by Mario Blažek • 1 Jul 2019

Creating and consuming eZ Platform policies

Let’s go through the process of creating simple custom policies and use them in our code to check for permissions.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 26 Jun 2019

Web Summer Camp — It’s all about learning from your peers

Ever since we started this event in 2012, the main concept hasn’t changed: hands-on workshops held by experts in a relaxing environment, a chance to go deeper with a topic than you can in a regular conference. Here’s a short review of this year’s program.

Blog post by Mario Blažek • 19 Jun 2019

Writing reusable queries with QueryTypes

In this blog post, we are going to explore the possibilities of writing well-structured query objects rather than polluting controllers with unnecessary and duplicated code.

Blog post by Mario Blažek • 13 Jun 2019

DutchPHP conference in one word - Sublime

We’ve been advised to bring our umbrellas, prepare for thunderstorms, wind and heavy rain, but there was none of that. It was two days of having a great time and fun. My colleague Randy and I had the privilege to attend the Dutch PHP conference this year and here are my impressions... 

Blog post by Katarina Barišić • 3 Apr 2019

Early Bird Tickets for Web Summer Camp 2019

Back in February, we announced the 8th Web Summer Camp, our annual flagship event for web enthusiasts. By now we’ve open Call for Papers, confirmed first speakers and prepared special prices for those who buy their tickets early.

Blog post by Mario Blažek • 7 Mar 2019

ZgPHP meetup at Netgen

Here at Netgen, we are constantly looking for ways to contribute to the community, organizing meetups being one of them. That’s why we were very glad to host #90 ZgPHP meetup two weeks ago.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 28 Feb 2019

Netgen partners with Sylius eCommerce, and vice versa

4 years ago we started using Sylius to develop e-commerce projects. Since then, our relationship went from using each other’s technologies to a solid partnership. With Sylius and Layouts forces combined together, the best is yet to come.

Blog post by Petar Španja • 28 Nov 2018

Site API for eZ Platform: docs, workshop video and more

We finally wrote some proper documentation for Site API for eZ Platform and published the video of the workshop from Web Summer Camp 2018. Read on to find out why you need to use this.

Blog post by Mario Blažek • 26 Oct 2018

The most overlooked part in software development - writing project documentation

Software developers like to write code and they like it very much. They tend to enjoy writing exhausting tests and continuous integration/continuous deployment configurations to assure top-notch quality of software. However, most of the time one part of the whole software development process somehow goes under the radar. The most overlooked part is writing documentation. We always tend to say to ourselves that we will write the documentation once the project is finished, or that we will release this version first and write the documentation later. LeBlanc’s law clearly states: Later equals never. I think this requires no explanation, but instead forces us to act.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač, Maja Nebes • 26 Sep 2018

Why Web Summer Camp of all events?

We live in a time where knowledge is at our fingertips and educational programs from all disciplines are available online. Yet, people are people and most of us like to communicate in person. We still prefer going to conferences, meetups, and similar events where we can learn from our peers. The question arises: how to estimate the value you get from a conference?

Short backstory of our blog: Sharing our experience from various web projects based on eZ Publish / eZ Platform, Symfony, PHP, HTML5, MySQL, jQuery, CSS, etc. and focusing on solving the problems we encountered.

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