A Winter Meetup, a Visit by Santa, and a Birthday

15 Dec 2015  | 
Maja Nebes
A Winter Meetup, a Visit by Santa, and a Birthday

This year has been outstanding for us. And for me personally. It’s a wonder what a person can learn in a year (Summer Camp was a fright!) - mostly that she has so much more to learn and experience :)

Netgen Winter Meetup

Having the need to share some of the holiday atmosphere that’s surrounded us with our amazing partners and following last year (we intend to make it a tradition), we organized the 2nd annual Netgen Winter Meetup. It is no secret we enjoy working with our partner firms - they are our extended work family.


This year, our partners from Bambi Bold, CJ Dizajn, Code4Hire, Effectiva and Locastic paid us a visit. We reassessed our shared work in 2015 and discussed the direction in which we are going, continuing the exchange of ideas over the themed roundtables.

Cherry on top of the Meetup was celebrating Mario’s birthday.


What made it even more special was the fact that the whole Netgen (Zagreb, Osijek and Trogir) was at the same place at the same time :)

Must I mention that was not the breaking point for our gathering? Same as last year, we went to a nearby caffe bar (which holds a special place in our hearts) and reasoned about into the night.


Santa’s visits

One of the things I’ve recently learned is that Santa loves dropping by Netgen! You should have seen the surprise on our faces when we came to work and saw our kitchen window.


Nice touch with the cute bags, Santa ;)

Naturally, Santa didn’t forget the Netgen youth, which, by the way, grew in numbers since last year. When we gathered them, you could feel the suspense in the air and then the eruption of delight when he finally showed up, bringing presents.

Truly we found a wonderful way to round such an exceptional year.

P.S. We have something planned for you, too. And soon. Sssshhhh! ;)


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