Crowdfunding Tags Bundle support for eZ Platform UI

26 Oct 2016  | 
Ivo Lukač
Crowdfunding Tags Bundle support for eZ Platform UI


Important news! We implemented the third feature, content field editing, and all new features that were planed and supported by this campaign are now merged and tagged as version 3.0 beta. Please check it out and test itA big thank you goes to all contributors who made it possible: Netmaking AS, Greater Stavanger, and others. :)


We are happy to report we made progress with the implementation. We managed to implement 2 out of 3 things planned: Content type field UI and Tags management section. You can easily test this with your latest eZ Platform installation, just do the composer require netgen/tagsbundle:dev-adminui. This is still in the development branch and it will be merged and tagged when stable enough, so please test and give feedback. We will proceed with the 3rd part as well.


We started working on Tags Bundle support for eZ Platform UI on November 28th 2016. Currently, we are focused on the backend part of the Tag management interface. We hope this feature will be done in time to make a nice New Year gift to the community. :)


We would like to thank everyone who donated and backed our efforts to finish implementing the Tags Bundle support for eZ Platform UI and open source it to the community, your support was invaluable. Even though we only gathered 52% of the funds, we decided to proceed with the project. The progress of the project will probably be slower than originally planned due to the fewer resources but the tagging support for eZ Platform UI is definitely on its way! You will be able to track the project’s advancement on the Tags Bundle GitHub repo and Indiegogo campaign page. We will also be keeping you posted through the occasional newsletter as well as posting the project updates on our Facebook page and Twitter profile.

The campaign

Netgen has implemented and maintained eZ Tags, the taxonomy solution for eZ Publish legacy. Some work was done to support the same feature after the eZ Platform release, at least on the field type level, but a full eZ Platform UI support is still missing. We are now launching a crowdfunding campaign to finish implementing the Tags Bundle and open source it to the community.

The story about Tags

Netgen implemented eZ Tags extension as a proof of concept for eZ Systems at the end of 2010. It was open sourced by eZ Systems and Netgen in 2011 and Netgen maintained it ever since. Kudos to the chief maintainer Edi :). It was the most used taxonomy solution for eZ Publish legacy and one of the most used extensions for eZ Publish in general.

With the introduction of new eZ Publish 5 generation, some work was done in 2013 to support the extension as the new stack field type. The result was the new repo which holds the Tags Bundle and which provides the possibility to implement front side features based on eZ Tags for eZ Publish 5 and eZ Platform. Multi-language support started in 2012 and was finalized in 2015 for both Tags Bundle and eZ Tags legacy extension.

A while ago, the community has started using the eZ Platform UI. One of the features still missing is the proper taxonomy management. We’ve been getting requests to implement on eZ Platform UI the same features as they were on the old admin interface. Tags Bundle currently supports the field type on the API level and offers a REST API for common actions.  

What needs to be done

We will need to invest a significant amount of hours for extending the functionalities of Tags Bundle for eZ Platform UI. The first rough estimations show that we need 150 hours just for the implementation, some hours for open sourcing it, etc.

The results of the effort will be these 3 features:

  • Content type field UI (for managing Tags field on the content type level)
  • Content field UI (for adding/removing tags )
  • Tags management section (for all actions on tags, to be added to the admin section of eZ Platform UI)

Once implemented, we will open source the work as part of the above-mentioned Tags Bundle repo. Since there is no generic taxonomy solution out there, this project will add more value to the eZ Platform UI. It will be possible to upgrade some older eZ projects to eZ Platform if the blocking factor to do so was the tagging support.


Since these features will benefit the whole community, we thought it would be a good idea to crowdfund the effort. Our goal is to gather around 12000 USD via Indiegogo which should cover the development and open-sourcing efforts. We think it should not be too hard of a goal to achieve. This could probably be done with fewer funds, but it would take more time.

We encourage you to donate any amount you like! We created 2 perks for the big donors:

  1. Tags Hero ($4000) - you will be mentioned and praised on the Tags Bundle page. Additionally, we will give you one ticket for Web Summer Camp 2017 (soon to be announced on
  2. Tags Backer ($1600) - you will be listed on the credits page of the Tags Bundle repo.

For any amount you decide to donate, you get our eternal gratitude. :)

The deadline for the campaign is Friday, November 10th. Feel free to give us feedback here, on Slack, or any other way.


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