A selection of our open-source extensions, tools, and solutions.

Netgen Remote Media Bundle

Netgen Remote Media bundle provides you with Cloudinary support for image, video, and file management seamlessly integrated with eZ Platform CMS. This bundle fully implements the field type for eZ Platform as well as the legacy part for the administration interface. It reduces the cost, makes development easier, and enables the implementation of other storage providers or DAM systems. 

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Netgen Tags Bundle

Netgen Tags Bundle is an eZ Platform bundle for taxonomy management and easier classification of content. Both Tags Bundle and legacy eZ Tags extension have full multi-language support. As a proof of concept, we implemented adding eZ Tags field editing to the new eZ Platform UI.

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eZ Platform and Sylius integration

eZ Platform and Sylius integration, currently in development, offers a powerful combination of content management and e-commerce. It comes with a bundle that supports the integration. Content is managed by eZ Platform which is based on Symfony framework while the shop features are implemented with Sylius e-commerce which is installed on top of the same Symfony instance.

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Netgen's Site API for eZ Platform

Netgen's Site API is a separate layer on top of the existing eZ Platform Repository API. It's designed to make developing websites (multilingual ones in particular) easier, faster, and less error-prone.

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Netgen’s React Native demo app

Netgen's demo application was built with React Native and uses content from eZ Platform CMS via its REST API. We decided to build our app based on Netgen Life Demo site, our own eZ Platform and Netgen Layouts demo installation we regularly use as a starting point for new web projects.

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eZ Forms Bundle

eZ Forms bundle is an integration of Symfony's Forms component with eZ Publish and eZ Platform Public API for content creation. eZ Systems later introduced Repository Forms as a more generic solution, but we kept our bundle since some people might still find it simpler to use.

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eZ Publish Community Project 2014.12

2014.12 is our variant of the eZ Publish Community 2014.11 kernel, released publicly. It backports simpler bug fixes, patches, and security fixes from eZ Platform in order to make the transition to eZ Platform smoother for the existing community edition based projects.

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Netgen eZ Social Connect Bundle

Netgen eZ Social Connect Bundle is an integration of HWIOAuth bundle for social login with eZ Platform / eZ Publish. This bundle supports Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn sign-ins out of the box and can be extended easily if needed.

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eZ Platform Vagrant box

Vagrant box with Ansible provisioner is provided for running eZ Platform projects. It's been mostly used internally for development and for running Summer Camp virtual machine in order to capacitate participation in the workshops.

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eZ Platform Search

eZ Platform Search is an eZ Publish legacy extension that integrates the eZ Platform search capabilities into eZ Publish legacy. It is useful when you wish to run eZ Platform with legacy administration installed but don't want to maintain two search indexes, one for eZ Platform and one for legacy.

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Netgen Siteaccess Routes Bundle

Netgen Siteaccess Routes Bundle is an eZ Platform and eZ Publish bundle which allows you to specify in which siteaccesses or siteaccess groups a route can be used, simply by editing your routing configuration files.

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Netgen Open Graph Bundle

Netgen Open Graph Bundle is an eZ Publish and eZ Platform bundle that allows simple integration with Open Graph protocol. With Netgen Open Graph the website owners can easily map eZ Publish content and their fields to Open Graph objects.

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HTML PDF API integration

HTML PDF API provides an easy way to generate PDF documents from HTML code. Netgen HtmlPdfApi library and Netgen HtmlPdfApi Bundle expose HTML PDF API cloud service functionalities.

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Netgen Symfony Tools

Netgen Symfony Tools is an eZ Publish legacy extension that provides a way to include Twig templates, as well as running Symfony sub-requests, directly from the eZ Publish legacy templates.

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Special Field Types

Netgen Birthday Bundle provides an eZ Publish and eZ Platform field type that stores the date in the format of YYYY-MM-DD in the attribute data text.

Netgen Enhanced Selection Bundle is an eZ Publish and eZ Platform bundle that provides a field type that reimplements the default ezselection field type.

Netgen Content Type List Bundle is an eZ Publish and eZ Platform bundle that provides a field type to select and store a list of content type identifiers.