Netgen Connect

Netgen Connect is a simple eZ Publish extension able to provide user sign in by using social network authentication and authorization.

At this time, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr are supported.

After installing the extension and including its template in your pagelayout, users are presented with buttons which take them to social network of their choice so they can authenticate themselves and authorize you to access their information. Upon taking an action there (allowing or denying authorization), users are taken back to your eZ Publish installation and automatically logged in to your site in case of successful authorization.

You can configure this extension by changing the values in ngconnect.ini, or, better yet (and recommended way), by overriding ngconnect.ini and configuring desired settings in your override. Full instructions for configuring the extension are included in ngconnect.ini settings file.

Before using the extension, you need to create Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr apps and have their consumer keys and secrets ready.

This extension is published under GNU GPLv2 license and as such can be freely used and modified.

The source code for this extension is hosted at GitHub.

Also, you can check out project page on