News • 3 Oct 2018

Netgen on tour: Fall 2018

After another successful Web Summer Camp, it is time to pack our laptops and continue with learning this conference season.

News • 16 May 2018

Netgen on tour: Spring 2018

The two months ahead of us are filled with engaging meetups and conferences. Let's start!

News • 12 Apr 2018

Winter @ Netgen

The first few months of 2018 were filled with further work on Web Summer Camp and open-source projects, as well as interesting conferences and meetups. We also welcomed some new people to our team – read on!

News • 18 Jan 2018

Netgen on tour: Winter 2018

We have an interesting Q1 in front of us, conference-wise. Here’s where you can find us this winter.

News • 9 Jan 2018

November & December @ Netgen

We’ve come to an end of another successful and fulfilled year. This is what we’ve been up to in these winter months.

News • 9 Nov 2017

October @ Netgen

Back to business in October – quite an exciting month it was, with so much going on. Here goes!

News • 11 Oct 2017

Summer @ Netgen

Another summer flew by quickly! We have plenty of news, including Netgen Layouts and Web Summer Camp.

News • 3 Oct 2017

Netgen webinar on Tags Bundle for eZ Platform

Netgen Tags Bundle is a taxonomy solution for eZ Publish and eZ Platform, in this webinar presented by Ivo and Edi, our tech lead.

News • 28 Sep 2017

Netgen on tour: Fall 2017 events

This fall meet us at these great conferences – let’s talk web!

News • 13 Sep 2017

Netgen webinar on Netgen Admin UI

After open sourcing Netgen Admin UI, we felt it was necessary to give more information about it to the community. That is why on August 23 Ivo held a webinar for all interested parties.

News • 25 Jul 2017

The first ever Netgen webinar – Showcasing Netgen Layouts version 0.8

Due to the increased interest in Netgen Layouts, Ivo has decided to gather the attentive parties and hold a webinar. Held on July 20, it was conceived as a simple and straightforward way to shortly present Netgen Layouts in general in conjunction with the changes and improvements implemented in its new 0.8 version.

News • 14 Jul 2017

June @ Netgen

We continued to work hard in June. Read on about Netgen Admin UI, Web Summer Camp, conferences we attended, and some open source news.