January @ Netgen

20 Feb 2017
January 2017

Last month was a long and productive one. We attended Agent Conference in Dornbirn and contributed to open source. Here it is!

Summer Camp

Everything is heating up for Web Summer Camp 2017! Topics are defined, amazing speakers announced, Call for Papers and Call for Sponsors are still open, and even Super Early Bird tickets are here!

[VIDEO] Announcing #websc 2017 with the most memorable moments of 2016! Enjoy :) Looking forward to making new memories this summer!

Posted by Web Summer Camp on Monday, 30 January 2017

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Conferences & Meetups

Our frontend devs Goran and Borna joined Ivo for Agent Conference in Dornbirn, a friendly conference to our #websc. They had a great time listening to interesting talks. Ivo did a raffle where the winner got a Web Summer Camp 2017 pass and Borna even held an unconference talk.

Sites launched

In cooperation with our partner CJ Dizajn, we released the redesigned Sintronics website – www.sintronics.eu. The company offers first-class contacts to the main manufacturers, highest quality, effective tests, outstanding experience, and quick services. The site was built on the new eZ Platform stack. Netgen provided the design, CJ Dizajn handled the frontend and content, while backend was a joint effort.


Ivo did a recap of 2016, an exciting year for us since we devoted most of the time to developing our product – Netgen Layouts.

We have decided to try ourselves in React Native, so Borna built Netgen Life app. It is based on Netgen Life Demo site, our own eZ Platform & Netgen Layouts demo installation we regularly use as a starting point for new web projects.

Netgen Life app

As for our open source efforts, after releasing Site API for eZ Platform this summer, thanks to Petar and Edi the version 2.0.0 was released, and Netgen Ez Social Connect Bundle started receiving pull requests in the GitHub repository. Check out the selection of our open-source extensions, tools, and solutions on the Labs page.

We also actively participated in the interesting discussion about the future of eZ Platform UI initiated by eZ Systems, its creators.

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