May @ Netgen

9 Jun 2016
May 2016

Super Early Bird tickets for Web Summer Camp opened (and closed) and we visited many conferences. Check it out!

Summer Camp

We successfully closed the sale of Super Early Bird tickets for Web Summer Camp - it exceeded our expectations! Until the end of June, you can catch your Early Bird instead, still at the great price. :)


Don’t forget about a group discount for all 3+ groups and our great Companions program!

We also put together a list of workshop prerequisites for PHP and eZ Publish topics and added an extra Preparation day on August 30! Read more info in the blog post or on the topics’ pages.

On the Venue page find info on how to get to Rovinj and where to stay during the Camp as well as a map with all important locations pinpointed.

As an extra treat, we released another 6 PHP & eZ Publish Summer Camp 2015 workshop videos, as well as the code and repo you will need to work along. You can find all released videos in the blog post or on our YouTube channel - PHP & EZ SC 2015 playlist.

Ivo surveyed our amazing venue, Hotel Lone, and brought back excellent and encouraging news. :)


He continued to Verona where he held a raffle at phpDay (2nd year in a row!). The lucky winner got a free ticket to Web Summer Camp 2016. Congrats, Paulo! :)

Conferences & Meetups

Apart from phpDay, Ivo traveled to Philadelphia for J.Boye conference with Vjeran at the beginning of the month and to Istanbul for PHPKonf at the end of the month. At both conferences he talked about the layout and block manager.


When he got back to Zagreb, he talked about it some more at DORS/CLUC open source conference. :)


Symfony Croatia announced another Symfony Meetup in Zagreb, but this time it is to be the first ever Sylius Meetup in Croatia! There will be beer and pizza sponsored by Netgen and Locastic. ;)


Netgen continued visiting Europe - this time we were at Gloriette in Schönbrunn, Vienna. :)


Stay tuned next month!