October @ Netgen

9 Nov 2017
Netgen 15th Brithday

Back to business in October – quite an exciting month it was, with so much going on. Here goes!

Netgen birthday

Last month we celebrated our 15th birthday! We wanted to spend this anniversary surrounded by friends, families, and partners and express our gratitude to you for being with us all these years. We also put some photos together in an album to remember that day – thank you for making it special!

Netgen cake

Netgen Layouts

October brought us a release of Netgen Layouts version 0.9. Read more about the new features, translating layouts and block plugins, in Ivo’s blog post. All feedback is welcome!

Summer Camp

It is always great to hear what the participants think and feel about Web Summer Camp, especially when they learn something new and have a good time. Here is the review from one of our eZ speakers.


The workshop videos are coming soon! In the meantime, check out the workshop pages on the #websc website for slides and repos.

Conferences & Meetups

Netgen fall tour started with Ivo attending the AI2FUTURE conference with sessions about Artificial Intelligence and Applied Robotics and our frontend team going to ReactJS Day in Verona.

A bunch of us went to WebCamp Zagreb, a technology-oriented conference for developers and designers. We never miss this great conference that’s right in our neighborhood.

Sites launched

ProSiebenSat.1 Digital is part of ProSiebenSat.1 group, the largest German network of online media. As a result of our longstanding successful collaboration, last month we launched a redesigned www.fem.com, German lifestyle portal for women, powered by Netgen Layouts.

In cooperation with our Norwegian partners at Keyteq, we released a website for Frydenbo Bil, a proud dealer of Volvo, Nissan, and Renault: https://www.frydenbo-bil.no. Keyteq handled the design and project management, while Netgen did the back- and frontend implementation. Frydenbo Bil is another site created on Netgen Layouts with an entire used cars section built in ReactJS. It is imagined as a part of the multisite installation in the future.


Continuing the monthly Netgen webinars, Ivo and Edi talked about Netgen Tags Bundle, a taxonomy solution for eZ Publish and eZ Platform, and showcased its demo.

Our Edi, Petar, and Mario B. rocked the open-source field last month. Mario added some improvements to NetgenInformationCollectionBundle, Petar added more lazy loading, a few deprecations, and a bug fix in Netgen’s Site API 2.2.0, and Edi made his first contribution to Symfony. Kudos, guys!


[BRUCIFER] Besides being one of the most wanted and best colleges, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in...

Posted by Netgen on Friday, 27 October 2017


Surprise! Keyteq and Kverneland Group treated us with cake and amazing words of support for 2 more successful projects done together. It is a pleasure working with you! Here’s to many more 🥂

Posted by Netgen on Thursday, 5 October 2017


Stuffed with cakes (yes, it can happen!), we opted for another kind of birthday goodie ☺️ Happy birthday, Mario! 🍻

Posted by Netgen on Tuesday, 24 October 2017


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Photo credit: Žarko Sušac