September @ Netgen

6 Oct 2016
September @ Netgen

A bit of Web Summer Camp, some conferences, a new teammate, and more make our September great!

Summer Camp

Web Summer Camp 2016 is behind us, but the memories remain!

#websc is over! Thank you all for another amazing event. The rest of the photographs are in the making, stay tuned....

Posted by Web Summer Camp on Monday, 5 September 2016


Our Maja wrote a nice blog post on the #websc experience this year.
TL;DR - it was awesome! :)

Tobias Schlitt, a first-time Camp speaker, was voted the highest-rated speaker this year, and Jakub Zalas, our returning speaker, won Web Battle, our unconference session, and got himself a free pass for Web Summer Camp 2017. Congrats!


Our Hrvoje K. and Edi held a workshop on our eZ Publish topic and did a great job. It’s worth mentioning it was Hrvoje’s first ever speaking engagement. :)


Some speakers have already shared their slides, repos, and exercises with the participants, and some are already online! PHP: 1. Using Behat and PHPSpec for emergent design with ubiquitous language, 2. Forms in Symfony 3, 3. Writing API clients with HTTPlug. eZ Publish: 1. Using eZ Platform as a Headless CMS, 2. Practical APIs with eZ Publish / eZ Platform, 3. eZ Publish 5: from zero to automated deployment (and no regressions!) in one afternoon, 4. We decided to rewrite legacy datatype to eZ Platform field type. You won’t believe what happened next!

We know how much you love looking through the photos, so we prepared some #websc photo albums for you. Enjoy!


Also, it’s always great to see our goodies are in good use, glad Marek is enjoying his. :)


Conferences & Meetups

Ivo, Vjeran, Igor, and Maja went to IBC in a wondrous city of Amsterdam to present Netgen Layouts at Netgen Business Day and to mingle and network. IBC is a premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide.


Our designers Hrvoje T. and Božidar went to Design Disruptors, a documentary by InVision shown at Infinum’s event.


Sites launched

Last month we launched another website that’s come out of our successful partnership with Prime - The Medical Review Switzerland is a reference journal for continuing education of medical practitioners. We provided the visual design for the website and implemented the site.


Looks like our Petar spent his breaks between the workshops at Web Summer Camp writing a blog post about Netgen's Site API for eZ Platform. You can find out more about the Site API, that reached v1.0 in the meantime, and our other open source tools and extensions on our Labs page.

Petar has also been nominated for eZ Awards as one of the finalists for Blogger of the Year while Edi has once again been nominated for the Contributor of the Year category.

Speaking of eZ, our eZ community slack group surpassed 400 members! Join us for all questions eZ-related.


We are excited to welcome Borna to our team! He has been our intern for a while now and has proven himself as a frontend developer and a great crewmate. Here’s what Borna had to say about his transition.

Borna: "My career at Netgen has started more than two years ago with an internship which continued as a part-time student job later on. Nothing has changed except the fact that I signed a full-time contract in the meanwhile. Netgen crew is still absolutely great and the atmosphere at the office is quite relaxing. All that makes work overall as stress-free as possible. Also, tasks I’m assigned to are quite challenging which keeps me highly motivated. One of my responsibilities was working with the summer interns this year, Lora and Marko. That was a completely new experience for me but turned out great! Students were capable and efficient so my role was to give them a gentle push in the beginning and monitor their work afterward. :) I felt they could be a good fit for Netgen in the future, so, who knows. ;)"

Speaking of Lora and Marko, we loved having them work with us. How they felt, you can read in the blog post. :)

Netgen summer interns


We have a guest in our office! After Web Summer Camp and visiting Locastic in Split, Dan Leech has decided to stay in Zagreb a while and keep us company. :) It’s good to have you with us, Dan!


Last month the Symfony community celebrated 500M Symfony downloads! Great number, keep going.


Very eventful month! Wait and see what we have prepared in October!