Summer @ Netgen

19 Sep 2016
Summer @ Netgen

Even though the call of the sun and the sea was strong, we weren’t idle during July and August. :) Summer Camp preparations were in full swing, our interns were hard at work, and we announced our new product, Netgen Layouts!

Netgen Layouts

We worked year round on a solution that would provide easy and flexible layout management of website pages and thoroughly improve the process of developing Symfony-based websites. Last month we were proud to present the new product that combines it all - Netgen Layouts!

Find out more about Netgen Layouts in the blog post and our website or simply contact us. There is also a video in development. :)

Video shooting in the office today!

Posted by Netgen on Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Summer Camp

The 5th Summer Camp is behind us and we pronounce Web Summer Camp a success! :)

There was a lot of work to be done, but we managed it, thanks to the amazing Netgen crew and Salsa Adria team. All the workshops were announced on Twitter and we also put together an Attendee pack for getting around easier. Some photos are on Camp’s Instagram profile, and you can find photo albums from all five days (yes, 5 :)) of #websc on the Facebook page.

Last week we sent out the post-Camp questionnaire. Please fill them out if you haven’t yet, we got some interesting feedback and suggestions for the next year!

For all news on Web Summer Camp 2017 (which are coming soon!) stay tuned on Netgen website and Web Summer Camp social media profiles or subscribe to our newsletters.

Here are some behind the scenes details of the Camp’s preparations. ;)

And an early registrations sneak peek!

A taste of #websc registrations cought by Mia of our Media Partners Netokracija

Also, it’s always great to see our goodies serve the participants well even after the Camp’s over. :)

A special thank you goes to our Gold Sponsor eZ Systems for supporting us all these years and for all the goodies they brought with them this year! :)


Ivo wrote a thorough blog post about the way we improved our DevOps with Vagrant, Ansible, and PhpStorm. We ourselves use this setup internally in some projects.

Edi continues to rock the open-source stage with Netgen Siteaccess Routes Bundle, an eZ Publish / eZ Platform bundle which allows you to specify in which siteaccesses or siteaccess groups a route can be used. You can find the repository on GitHub. Kudos for Edi!


We had two students at our summer internship - Lora and Marko. As is a custom with our internships, they were working on a real project which turned out to be the DebugMan Game that had its debut at Web Summer Camp. Great job, we were thrilled to have you in our crew!

Netgen summer interns

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