Summer @ Netgen

11 Oct 2017
Summer @ Netgen

Another summer flew by quickly! We have plenty of news, including Netgen Layouts and Web Summer Camp.

Netgen Layouts & Netgen Admin UI

At the beginning of July, we released Netgen Layouts 0.8. Netgen Layouts is a powerful tool for managing all page layouts on your website. Read about its new features and plans for the next version in Ivo’s blog post.

Due to the increased interest in Netgen Layouts and some of our other work, Ivo has decided to start holding Netgen webinars to all interesting parties. The first webinar gives an intro into Netgen Layouts and the v0.8, the second webinar is about Netgen Admin UI, an alternative administration interface for eZ Publish 5.4 and eZ Platform, and the third webinar features Ivo and Edi talking about Tags Bundle,taxonomy solution for eZ Publish and eZ Platform. You can watch all webinars on our YouTube channel.

If you are interested in Netgen Layouts, learn more in our tutorial videos.

[#NGLAYOUTS] Right around the time we released Netgen Layouts version 0.8...

Posted by Netgen on Monday, 17 July 2017

Summer Camp

Web Summer Camp 2017 was held on August 30 – September 2 in Rovinj, Croatia. Once again, the participants provided us with their feedback through post-websc survey – they rated the Summer Camp a great event to which they would come back and recommend it to their friends.

Read Maja’s #websc 2017 review and look through the photos to get into the atmosphere. Also, check out Twitter #websc for some of the interesting moments from this year’s edition.

websc 2017

There are already many things on our mind on what to improve and introduce next year. Thank you for another great week of learning & fun!

Find all new info on the Camp's website. For regular updates, sign up for the newsletter or follow all news on Facebook and Twitter. If you prefer photo stories, #websc Instagram is the right place for you.

Conferences & Meetups

At the end of September, we announced all events and conferences at which you can see us this fall. Let’s meet! Looking forward to PHP Central Europe, J. Boye Conference, and SymfonyCon.


During the summer, we found time for open source work, with notable Mario B. and Petar’s work on NetgenEnhancedBinaryFileBundle and Netgen Site API respectively.




Other from vacationing, mostly at the coast, we ate a lot of cakes, as usual.

Age is just a hashtag - cake is forever!

Posted by Netgen on Friday, 21 July 2017


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