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Meet the crew. A set of unique, peculiar, loud, and skilled individuals who make an extraordinary team of web solution makers and problem solvers.

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We are looking for talented and expert future Netgenians to help us tackle the challenges of our stimulating and diverse projects. Interested?

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Our partners

We focus on creating complete and outstanding web solutions. Over the years we built partnerships with other experts in fields such as infrastructure performance, programming and user-centered design approach. We consider them an extended part of our team. By connecting our efforts, knowledge and methodologies we are able to deliver a final result which stands out.

A skillful group of frontend experts with over 10 years of JavaScript experience. Built a great HTML to PDF cloud service. They have been our partner for years and we could not be happier with our cooperation.

A well-known Croatian web designer. Always adds a special touch to the visual design. Sometimes responds to the name Dejan. We have been working with him since our very beginnings and the number of the projects on which we collaborated is hard to count.

Linux performance & security gurus and system administrators. Know how to use “vi”. Have a demigod status with some of our clients. They have been our reliable partner for years, helping us solve difficult system-level challenges. Their help with the system is ensuring our good night’s sleep.

Symfony & Sylius experts from Split. Always eager to share their experience. Usually wear ocean blue T-shirts, like we do. We started working together in 2014, immediately cracking a tough challenge: combining eZ Publish with Sylius.

A small web agency with a lot of patience in solving eZ Publish glitches. Very persistent crew. Also known as The Kings. Love eZ as much as we do. In 2014 we collaborated on a few smaller projects whose success brought us to work more closely together.

A group of senior PHP developers from Novi Sad. Have a lot of know-how in DevOps. Frequent visitors of the web-themed conferences. We started working together in 2015 on a complex customization and improving development operations.