International Security Sector Advisory Team

The International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT) provides practical support to the international community in its efforts to improve security and justice, primarily in conflict-affected and fragile states. It does this by working with a group of member states and institutions to develop and promote good security and justice reform practices and principles, and by helping its members to build their capacity to support national and regional security and justice reform processes.


ISSAT has a rather complex website in terms of information architecture. It is composed of several components which represent the whole in themselves and are also interconnected.

Due to the great complexity of the content and the organic growth, the former website became difficult to maintain. UX/UI problems occurred, as well as problems with content search, browsing, and distribution.

Since a good portion of users accesses the website from the field, it was necessary to embed the principles of responsive design in the website, allowing usability on a wide spectrum of devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers.


The first step towards the solution of the aforementioned problems was reorganizing the content. We designed the new interface concept on the basis of which we ran user testing. The content categorization was based on the main sections, “LEARN” and “SHARE”. Each section has its clearly indicated subsections, allowing easier and more intuitive use of the website as well as content searching and communication among users.

UI and visual design were conceived according to the today's best practices, using typographic hierarchy as a main system for establishing a priority structure of the information. The website is fully responsive and can be accessed on any device. It was released in 2015 Q2.


The ISSAT website is built on the eZ Publish 5 CMS. Under the hood you will find PHP code and Symfony framework coupled with MySQL database - the foundation of eZ Publish.

Netgen’s designers and developers are able to provide the outward simplicity that our users demand, backed by the backend sophistication to meet our in-house requirements.

The Netgen team is a joy to work with.

Thammy Evans, SSR Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator