Iskon Internet

The leading provider of a new generation telecommunication based on broadband Internet in Croatia

Iskon Internet, even though it is now a part of HT (Hrvatski Telekom, the biggest telecom company in Croatia), maintains its own brand and market positioning. It is known for its flexibility, competence, and an accomplished relationship with its users.

Netgen has been creating online experiences for Iskon for almost a decade.


Being one of the first companies that provided modern Internet access in Croatia, Iskon needed an integrated web solution for presentation of a wide range of services they are providing. These services include broadband internet access, telephony, and IPTV, and Netgen has been working with Iskon since 2006 on creating their web presence.

In 2014 and 2015, Iskon websites undertook major redesigns to align with company’s market repositioning and adjusting the websites to mobile users. Better integration with backend systems was also long due and Netgen was chosen as a trusted partner to implement the changes.


In order to accommodate different user groups, two separate websites were developed for Iskon Internet. The main company site ( serves as the central marketing and sales point while an additional site ( focuses on the IPTV users and the online services they need.

Both sites were fully implemented in eZ Publish CMS. This has enabled us to reuse the existing content on the main company website which has been running on eZ for more than 8 years. More importantly, we have been able to deeply integrate the CMS with the several existing principal Iskon systems (such as IPTV backend, video rental service and user management system) that enabled us to create an optimal experience and seamless journey for the primary user targets.

The websites are implemented with responsive web design to accommodate both desktop and mobile users.

Featured sites



Iskon corporate website serves as the primary online asset for marketing and sales campaigns. Iskon products and services are pre-set and configured in bundles that provide the flexibility necessary for a modern telecom company. The website is also integrated with backend telecom service management system to enable personalized suggestions to different user groups.

Iskon TV

Iskon TV

Iskon TV is intended for the company's IPTV users, providing them with an easy access to various TV-related services.

The website is fully integrated with Iskon backend IPTV system and includes electronic program guide (EPG), integration with movie rental service, and interface to user management services.


  • Iskon websites are fully implemented in eZ Publish CMS and Symfony PHP framework. This has enabled the required flexibility and integration with crucial client backend systems
  • Both sites are fully responsive
  • Backbone.js framework is used for application-like site modules

We have been working with Netgen for almost a decade. Trends are changing, needs growing and things get more complicated. But when it comes to Iskon's presentation and business online, Netgen team is always super skilled: newest technology, fresh ideas, functional and practical solutions.

We are so good together!

Lovorka Prtenjak, marketing specialist and web coordinator at Iskon Internet d.d.