Republic of Togo

Republic of Togo

An awarded news websites built for the Togolese Republic

We designed and developed two news websites for Togolese Republic. The main government news website was recognized as the best African governmental site by Jeune Afrique magazine.


The Togolese Republic main government news website was built on eZ Publish in 2009 and had more than 30 000 articles at the time Netgen was asked to implement a thorough redesign.

Although the site was rich with content and supportive multimedia content, the overall information architecture and visual design were made obsolete by 2015.

With over 45% of visitors accessing the site from mobile devices, it was obvious that desktop-only design was not working anymore and we were asked to create a unifying experience.


A complete redesign of the main government news website, while keeping most of the legacy content entered through 6 years of production, was done by Netgen. As with all redesign projects, special care was taken to make sure that search engine rankings were kept intact as the website is considered to be one of the most valuable online resources for Togo.

To accommodate the wide range of devices browsing the website, a fully responsive design was put in place. One of the challenges we encountered was the varying quality of multimedia attached to the content on the site. To solve this issue, the design relied on typography and good visual hierarchy applied mostly to the textual content. Also, since the website was to be actively maintained by a single editor, we needed to automate most of the front pages.

An accompanying website focused on Togo diplomacy was built on the same platform.

Featured sites

Republic of Togo

Republic of Togo

The main government news website for Togolese Republic. Designed and developed by Netgen, the website was recognized as the best African govermental site by Jeune Afrique magazine.

Togo Diplomatie

Togo Diplomatie

Built on the same platform as the main government site, Togo Diplomatie website focuses on diplomacy-related issues.


The both websites were developed in eZ Publish CMS which proves to be a great fit for multimedia news websites. A complete solution, together with the hosting environment built on LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP), was provided by us.

The design was implemented with the responsive web design best practices providing a multi-device friendly approach.

[The Republic of Togo website] prances to the first place due to its aesthetics, ergonomics, and ease of navigation.

Jeune Afrique magazine