Ruđer Bošković Institute

The leading Croatia’s scientific institute in the natural and biomedical sciences

The Ruđer Bošković Institute is regarded as Croatia’s leading scientific institute in the natural and biomedical sciences as well as marine and environmental research, owing to its size, scientific productivity, international reputation in research, and the quality of its scientific personnel and research facilities.

Today, the Institute has over 550 scientists and researchers in more than 80 laboratories.


RBI needed a website that could clearly present its projects, departments, scientists, and other related information both to the public and to the scientific community.

The general idea was building a sustainable system which would be the solution for the current issues and the basis for the future Institute needs.

With eleven different RBI divisions and a great number of people working in the Institute, a special care had to be given to integrating the CMS into the existing authentication system and giving the appropriate access rights on all needed levels.


eZ Publish CMS, with its extensibility features and enterprise level support available, proved to be the right tool for the job. Netgen provided its expertise through the project in consulting, information architecture, information design via wireframe layouts, and implementation in eZ Publish CMS and HTML / CSS / JS.

To implement an autonomous section of the website for each Institute division, specific editor rights were provided to the division administrators. Additionally, every Institute employee could update her/his personal data.

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The main RBI website contains the information about the Institute’s fields of research, activities and conferences, as well as its mission, vision, and primary task. The Institute fulfills this mission through the globally relevant basic scientific research, orientation toward research of strategic national importance, participation in higher education, and transfer of knowledge to other areas of public and economic life.



For O-ZIP - open scientific infrastructural platforms for innovative applications in the economy and society, an EU structural project by RBI – we built a responsive website, O-ZIP provides a development platform for start-up labs, SMEs and innovation incubators. Netgen developed the concept and created the visual design of the website.

[showcase-reference] innomol


InnoMol website is made for the largest infrastructure project with the highest budget in natural sciences ever to be conducted in Croatia. It will foster a research pipeline at the RBI and facilitate innovation and technology for the investigation of diseases such as cancer.

IRB microsite builder

IRB microsite builder

We built a microsite builder syestem for IRB which enables easy development of the new websites for the upcoming conferences the Institute prepares on an almost monthly basis. All the sites are integrated with an internal ticketing system, also developed by Netgen.


The solution provided by Netgen enabled RBI to greatly improve its Internet presence. By involving internal staff in maintaining the website content, we managed to create an up-to-date information hub for the Institute.

Having eZ Publish technology at its core, this multi-site can be easily managed. It serves as a solid platform for future changes and developments.

Simply put – we were looking for an open source web solution, backed by professional developers and support. This is where the combination of eZ Publish and Netgen proved ideal.

Guys at Netgen are experts and have nerves of steel. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.

Ratko Mileta, PR officer and web editor at RBI