Our products provide efficient implementation and easy maintenance of your web solutions. We make sure they are powerful and flexible by using them ourselves on real projects.

Netgen Layouts

Use Netgen Layouts to manage all page layouts on your website in an extensible and flexible way. Improve your web design and development process by making it agile and slick.

Netgen Admin UI

Netgen Admin UI is a redesigned version of eZ Publish 5 CMS administration. It is integrated with the Symfony framework to enable easier customization of the eZ new stack backend features and building Symfony applications.


Our solutions combine innovative features with the extensibility of eZ Publish CMS to provide you with the superb service. On time and on budget.

Netgen Media Portal

Bringing your digital media site to life with out-of-the-box solutions built on eZ Publish CMS.

Netgen Site for IPTV Providers

Deep integration with IPTV backend systems provides your users with a unified TV experience.


Our services include consulting on creating effective web strategies coupled with the expert development skills in producing quality solutions built with eZ Publish.

Design and Architecture

All our projects start with a research phase in which we define bussines objectives that guide us through the rest of the designing journey. Information architecture elements such as sitemaps and wireframe layouts are derived from these business objectives.

Netgen delivers engaging visual solutions that are both inspirational and effective as a communication tool. We create future friendly designs that go further than the desktop, adaptable to different devices from tablets and smartphones to (long awaited) Internet enabled fridges :-)

eZ Publish

eZ Publish CMS is an open source enterprise content management solution that makes up the core of our technical expertise.

Netgen is an Award winning eZ Publish Business Partner, developing web sites with eZ Publish since 2004. Our crew consists of highly experienced and certified eZ Publish developers that both develop solutions on eZ Publish and contribute back to the community. We are also working closely with eZ Systems on future core features of the CMS.

Global support

We believe in long term relationships with our clients. Therefore, we provide consulting and support to keep your eZ Publish based sites live and effective in the long run.  

We offer our services globally, wherever there is a Skype connection available. If you are interested in Netgen and want to know more about us and our services, get in touch.

Community, Education & Fun

Web Summer Camp

Web Summer Camp

Every year since 2012, we've organized a workshop-based conference in the summer. Since 2012 we've had eZ Publish Summer Camp and since 2014 PHP Summer Camp. Starting with 2016, we merged both events, added Design topic, and organized Web Summer Camp. This year we have PHP, eZ, UX, and JS tracks.

It is our way to exchange experience and share the know-how through workshop work as well as to maintain quality relationship between various communities.