Netgen Admin UI

Netgen Admin UI gives eZ Publish 5 administration UI an overall redesign bundled with some nifty new features. It is integrated with the Symfony framework to enable easier customization of the eZ new stack backend features and building Symfony applications.

Improved UX for CMS editors and site builders

Netgen Admin UI brings a much-needed redesign of eZ Publish 5 administration interface. In addition to making the interface visual appearance modern and elegant, we solved some long standing UX problems.

Compatible with eZ Publish features

Netgen Admin UI builds on eZ Publish 5 administration and is completely compatible with the legacy extensions and modules. If you have a substantial investment in legacy code, it will keep your site up and running.

Works with Symfony and eZ Platform

Netgen Admin UI page layout and main menu sections are implemented with the new eZ stack and Symfony. To demonstrate how far it is possible to go with the new stack, we integrated the whole Sylius administration interface inside the Netgen Admin UI.

Something old, something new

With Netgen Admin UI, we are giving the eZ Publish 5 administration interface a new life. The main point is to give a solid UX improvement to the projects that are now on the eZ Publish 5 installation and not migrating to eZ Platform UI anytime soon. On the one hand, since it is compatible with the legacy extensions, Netgen Admin UI serves the migration period during which those are refactored into Symfony and the new stack, and on the other hand, it enables development of the new features directly with Symfony and new eZ API.

Drop us a line!

Netgen Admin UI is publicly available. If you are interested in using Netgen Admin UI on your eZ Publish 5 projects, feel free to give us a call.

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