Netgen Layouts

Netgen Layouts is a powerful tool for managing all page layouts on your website. Use it to manage and maintain the website layout structure in a flexible and extensible way.

See how to manage page layouts for your whole website in one place with Netgen Layouts

Control the complete page layout, for all pages of your website

Using Netgen Layouts you can control the complete layout of all of your website pages, from <body> to </body>. Depending on your needs, this enables the creation of completely different designs, like full-screen landing pages without header/footer, distraction-free layouts for shopping checkout steps, or layouts for your custom modules. Another benefit is sharing common elements of the page (such as header, footer, or sidebar sections) between different layouts which offers better management and control.

Built for all Symfony full-stack applications, such as eZ Platform or Sylius

Although there are integration points with our weapon of choice, eZ Platform CMS, we implemented Netgen Layouts completely decoupled from it.

Netgen Layouts uses the power of the Symfony framework to integrate easily with other Symfony applications such as eZ Platform CMS, Sylius e-commerce, or your custom solution.

Make your design and development process slick and agile

Standard development process requires the backend developer to configure and manually implement templates for each specific pages on the website.

With Netgen Layouts get a head start by empowering web builders such as UX designers or information architects to quickly assemble page layouts and apply them to the CMS or e-commerce system pages. This way, the developers concentrate on implementing the site specific features and the efforts of the two groups blend smoothly.

Flexible layout management

A layout enables configuration and positioning of basic building elements – blocks – that appear on a given page. The layouts control the complete rendering of the page and can be applied to each page of the site. This includes content pages as well as feature-driven pages such as login, search, or e-commerce checkout pages.

Rich set of building blocks

Blocks are used as Lego bricks to fill out the zones of layouts. There are different kinds of blocks, from simple ones like title and HTML snippet to more complex ones like content grids and sliders. Blocks use existing content (fetched from the CMS or other systems) as source. The source content items can be set either manually or dynamically.

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Shared zones

Apart from serving as containers for the blocks, zones also enable sharing of common parts between layouts through zone linking feature. Each zone of a layout can be linked to a zone on the shared layout providing easy manipulation of the common sections of the page such as header, footer, or sidebars.

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Layout mappings

Layout mapping figures out which layout to use for each URL and page request. That decision will be based on the layout mappings which consist of targets on which a layout will be applied and an optional set of conditions that need to be met. By using these tools, Netgen Layouts can be used to control layouts of all the pages on the site, based on precise conditions such as CMS content type, geo-location, or language settings.

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