Netgen Site for IPTV Providers

Deep integration with IPTV backend systems provides your users with a unified TV experience.

A rich set of building blocks. To get your site up and running ASAP.

Time to market is essential. By using inbuilt features, such as content modeling support, multimedia integration, flexible page layouts, and content recommendation, we can bring your website to life right on time.

With eZ Publish CMS at its core, Netgen Media Portal harnesses the power of one of the leading open-source enterprise CMS solutions.

Customization services available. Be different.

Every media or news website needs to be tailored to its specific audience. We offer the whole set: consulting, design, and development services you need to successfully finish the project.

In case you have an existing installation with a large content base, we can provide you with content transfer services that keep your investments intact.

Mobile ready.

The mobile revolution is not coming - it is already here. Mobile traffic growth of 69% in 2014 and 74% in 2015 shows that it is crucial to have a feasible mobile strategy for your website.

Netgen Media Portal uses responsive web design to support desktop as well as mobile clients ranging from smartphones to tablets. Additionally, we enable a simple and effective integration of the content made in eZ Publish CMS with your Android and iOS mobile applications.


Even if you are starting small, you want to be ready for success. Netgen Media Portal provides you with the scalability options and is suitable for the heavy load traffic. The advanced caching and horizontal scalability support, coupled with the expertise of our team, keeps you focused on your growth.

Integrated with your core IPTV systems

Using the multiple integration endpoints and rich API support, we make your website fully integrated with the internal systems and best-of-breed applications, such as CRM or e-commerce solutions.

We are social

Every media website faces the challenge of engaging their readers. Netgen Media Portal facilitates that task by integrating with Facebook, Twitter, and any other major social network. It also enables your users to register, share, and comment on your site.

Multimedia support

Video, audio, and image galleries are the core elements of a modern media portal. Interweave your article with multimedia elements to create an immersive user experience that will keep your visitors coming.

Cloud Hosting for eZ Publish.

All of our websites are hosted and managed by us. This way we provide you with a cost-effective and scalable solution that enables you to concentrate on your business. In case you want to utilize your existing infrastructure, we have got you covered here, too - no strings attached.

Using Our Services



Iskon corporate website serves as the primary online asset for marketing and sales campaigns. Iskon products and services are pre-set and configured in bundles that provide the flexibility necessary for a modern telecom company. The website is also integrated with backend telecom service management system to enable personalized suggestions to different user groups.

[solution-reference] Al Watan

Al Watan

AlWatan TV is one of the leading Kuwait TV stations. They use Netgen IPTV site solution to run their main website. The website is available both in English and Arabic and includes EPG module and full integration with internal video on demand (VOD) and streaming services. 

[solution-reference] IPTV solutions is the leading provider of the cable Internet access and distribution in Croatia. Their services include a full spectrum of communication services: cable and interactive TV, Internet, telephony and OTT solutions. Netgen has implemented several sites for, you can find them in the showcase.