eZ Publish

eZ Publish CMS is an open-source enterprise content management solution that makes up the core of our technical expertise.

Netgen is an award-winning eZ Publish Business Partner. We have been developing websites with eZ Publish since 2004. Our crew consists of highly experienced and certified eZ Publish developers who develop solutions on eZ Publish and give back to the community. We are also cooperating closely with eZ Systems and some of our team members are working on the development of the future core features of the CMS.

eZ Publish has a flexible content engine that serves as the core for dynamic and personalized websites. It comes with many out-of-the-box functionalities, but its power lies in its award-winning customization capabilities. User interaction and user-generated content have been simplified, enabling you to quickly build powerful customized websites. With over 180,000 installations to date, eZ Publish has become a reliable and trusted solution for numerous companies and organizations.

It is a 100% open source content management system, available either as a free download or as an enterprise solution with support, guarantees, and maintenance.

eZ Publish is extremely flexible and, therefore, can be used to produce a variety of websites:

  • Corporate websites
  • Educational websites
  • Government websites
  • On-line newspapers
  • Web Portals
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Document portals
  • Community portals
  • Internet / Externet solutions

Using eZ Publish

eZ Publish is feature-filled, ensuring that you can quickly put your content online. To edit and post new content, users simply need to sign in and start creating content with the multitude of tools and features available.

Editing interfaces

  • WYSIWYG editor for word-processor-like functionality in your browser
  • WebDAV support
  • OpenOffice.org and Microsoft Word importing and exporting
  • multi-file upload


  • All content in eZ Publish can be translated into multiple languages
  • Visitors can click flags to view the entire website translated into the language of choice
  • Content "diff" functionality shows added and removed text
  • Multiple multilingual URLs can be created for each page


  • Product classes and datatypes show prices, multi-options, sizes, and more
  • Multi-currency support, custom payment gateways, and shipping handlers
  • Tax handling can be configured per product and per visitor location
  • Existing payment gateways connect to PayPal, Payex, Authorize.net, and more


  • Version rollback undoes changes
  • Notifications of changes for collaborative editing
  • Wiki-like functionality
  • An automatic audit shows who and when made which changes to any page

Multimedia support

  • Store and display any video format
  • Define picture sizes and automatically generate thumbnails and picture galleries
  • Build complex page layouts and pre-plan publication schedules with eZ Flow
  • Any content can be repurposed anywhere on the website

Enterprise search

  • Search the entire website or specific parts of it
  • Use the eZ Find extension to index multiple eZ Publish and external sites
  • Provide tunable relevancy rankings, multi-language searching, faceted searching with drill-down navigation, "more like this" links, and more

eZ Flow

  • Brings modern portal management possibilities to eZ Publish
  • Enables editors to build complex page layouts and pre-plan the publication schedule to ensure a constant flow of rich content
  • Editors can configure when content objects will be published, either by specifying a publication time for each object in the block or by configuring automatic rotation at specified intervals.
  • Supports video streaming

Managing and developing eZ Publish

To provide you with the full control over your website, eZ Publish has many features that facilitate the managing of both content and users. It is more than a basic CMS; eZ Publish is a content management platform based on a clear REST API that allows developers to customize and extend it.

Content model

  • A tree-based node structure for intuitive website planning and managing
  • Structures all types of content, from simple articles to complex data storage
  • Web 2.0: tag clouds, blogs, forums, and polls are built-in features
  • The template system enables content to be presented for print, web, e-mail, RSS, and mobile devices

Scalability and performance

  • Hosts hundreds of thousands of objects on a single server
  • Built-in cluster support to scale up with your needs
  • Four-level caching system, from entire pages to specific parts of the content
  • Runs multiple websites with completely different designs and content on one installation

Search engine optimization

  • Automatic generation of URLs based on the page content, defines custom URLs per page
  • Customize <title>, <meta>, and heading tags
  • "alt" attributes are standard on all generated <img> tags
  • Automatically generate sitemaps, RSS feeds, tag clouds


  • Multi-level, role-based permission system
  • Certified for use within the US Department of Defense for both classified and unclassified information
  • SSL support for traffic encryption
  • Detailed audit logs for key system operations


  • Creates new modules, datatypes, template operators, workflows, and more without changing the core code
  • Integrates eZ Publish with third-party applications, via a clear and well-documented API
  • Existing integrations with Lotus Notes, LDAP, PayPal, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP, TinyERP, and Final Cut Server
  • Incorporation of eZ Components, an enterprise-ready general purpose PHP components library

eZ Publish Users Worldwide

Thousands of enterprises, governmental offices, organizations, and educational institutions trust eZ Publish with running their web solutions.

A Selection of eZ Publish Users