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Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 28 Feb 2019

Netgen partners with Sylius eCommerce, and vice versa

4 years ago we started using Sylius to develop e-commerce projects. Since then, our relationship went from using each other’s technologies to a solid partnership. With Sylius and Layouts forces combined together, the best is yet to come.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač, Maja Nebes • 26 Sep 2018

Why Web Summer Camp of all events?

We live in a time where knowledge is at our fingertips and educational programs from all disciplines are available online. Yet, people are people and most of us like to communicate in person. We still prefer going to conferences, meetups, and similar events where we can learn from our peers. The question arises: how to estimate the value you get from a conference?

Blog post by Maja Nebes, Ivo Lukač • 26 Apr 2018

Announcing Web Summer Camp 2018 tracks, speakers, and workshops

Web Summer Camp 2018 is slowly but surely closing in. We have defined the tracks (a few surprises there!), finished the speaker selection process, and are working on the track programs and extras – read on!

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 22 Jan 2018

2017! The year of Netgen Layouts gaining traction and other excitements

As a service-based company, we have been working for many years on various web projects, building tailored solutions for our clients. It is always great to see a solution we have created put to use, but a quite different experience is creating a new generic product and proving its value in real life projects.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 24 Jan 2017

2016! The Year of Making an MVP

An extremely demanding but a super exciting year is behind us. It was also a difficult one because we have been executing a strategy set in 2014 – to make our own product, Netgen Layouts. The work started slowly in 2015, but we went full throttle in 2016. Trying to make a product and maintaining a service business is not simple at all. Yet, at the same time, it is very exciting with all new kinds of challenges.

Blog post by Maja Nebes • 10 Mar 2016

Why we need more Ladies in (Web) Business

When I heard about Ladies of New Business and that it was to be held in Zagreb, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew immediately I wanted to be there, for numerous reasons. The conference not only exceeded my expectations, but also provoked me to consider the role of women in the web industry.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 19 Jan 2016

2015! The year of investments

One more great year has passed. It was a year of various investments we undertook, following the strategy we set in 2014. Things have not been going as fast as we wished, but that was to be expected. In a service-based business it is hard to execute things that are not related to everyday client work, but hey, it doesn’t mean we should retreat.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 12 Jan 2015

2014! The baseline for a great future

So another year has passed. It has passed so quickly probably because we have been so busy. Each year the Netgen team surprises me with all the things achieved and this year was the best so far. The new year has started so it’s time for a short recap, just like for the last 3 years: 2011, 2012, 2013.

Blog post by Dinko Mihaljević • 22 Oct 2014

Four Strokes with Paweł Jędrzejewski

Paweł Jędrzejewski is creator of Sylius and founder at Lakion. Small interview, only four questions, but we managed to cover various topics like SummerCamp, eZ Publish Community, Sylius, Lakion, future of Paweł's projects and so on...

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 21 Jan 2014

2013! On a right path, still a lot to reach the goal

A year ago, while concluding year 2012, I wrote 2 simple goals for the company in year 2013. To be more efficient as a team while maintaining level of engagement. By engagement I mean all time that is spent for education, helping the community, charity or just in communication with all possible peers.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 24 Apr 2013

Web Design & Development industry

Recently I was participating in an online course (on Coursera) and one of the task was to do an industry analysis. So I did it for web design and development industry focusing on 2 parts:

  • tools (content management vendors)
  • creative touch (web agencies)

Be aware that I don't do these kind of analysis professionally :)

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 20 Mar 2013

eZ Summit 2013 in Cologne - Overview

It is always a pleasure to come to Cologne. It is maybe not as attractive as last years Partner Conference location (Lisbon), but it definetaly has it charms - read: lot of Koelsh beer and interesting people :)

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 14 Jan 2013

2012! It was a challenging year, but even more challenging year started

One year ago we were summarizing year 2011. Now is the time to underline what we achieved in year 2012 and also what we learned in the process. It will be interesting to see on how we met the expectations for 2012: to have more engagement, to work more, to earn more. Let see how we performed.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 21 Nov 2012

10 years of Netgen

A month ago we celebrated a great milestone for our company: 10 years since this adventure started. It is not just a round number that we are celebrating, it is the fact that we managed to build the company from scratch by investing only our time, knowledge and persistence. 

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 5 Jan 2012

2011! What a year for Netgen. Lot of expectation for 2012 too

So once a year CEO-s of a big companies write a letter to their shareholders with year summary and the direction where the company is heading in the next year, but as we are not a corporation (yet) I'll just write a simple blog post with just one business fact. The most important one.