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Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 22 Jan 2018

2017! The year of Netgen Layouts gaining traction and other excitements

As a service-based company, we have been working for many years on various web projects, building tailored solutions for our clients. It is always great to see a solution we have created put to use, but a quite different experience is creating a new generic product and proving its value in real life projects.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 26 Oct 2017

Netgen Layouts 0.9 released – with layout translations, block plugins, and more

After releasing Netgen Layouts version 0.8 in July, our focus was on making the most out of the slower-paced summer time. With every new release come many small improvements and fixes, although we usually focus on one big theme. In the case of version 0.9, translating layouts. At the same time, what emerged as a developer experience improvement was the block plugin feature. Read on!

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 6 Jul 2017

Netgen Layouts 0.8 released – what is next?

When we started to build Netgen Layouts, we set before ourselves two main requirements: to use Symfony as the baseline and to make the interface for the page layout management more powerful and easier to use. However, as the development progressed, the main idea about Layouts grew with it. The release of the version 0.8 is another big step towards its realization.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 24 Jan 2017

2016! The Year of Making an MVP

An extremely demanding but a super exciting year is behind us. It was also a difficult one because we have been executing a strategy set in 2014 – to make our own product, Netgen Layouts. The work started slowly in 2015, but we went full throttle in 2016. Trying to make a product and maintaining a service business is not simple at all. Yet, at the same time, it is very exciting with all new kinds of challenges.

Blog post by Maja Nebes • 10 Mar 2016

Why we need more Ladies in (Web) Business

When I heard about Ladies of New Business and that it was to be held in Zagreb, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew immediately I wanted to be there, for numerous reasons. The conference not only exceeded my expectations, but also provoked me to consider the role of women in the web industry.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 7 Mar 2016

eZ Platform is out! Community, full throttle now!

We at Netgen have been involved in the eZ community for quite a while now. Our first contribution to Croatian translations of eZ Publish version 3 was almost 10 years ago. Nowadays, we are deeply immersed and engaged in the community. We are open sourcing our work, blogging about our experiences, planning our 5th in a row eZ Publish Summer Camp, and more. Now that the eZ Publish next generation, better known as eZ Platform, was released, we would like to encourage others from the community to follow our example and start adopting the new stack with a quicker pace.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 19 Jan 2016

2015! The year of investments

One more great year has passed. It was a year of various investments we undertook, following the strategy we set in 2014. Things have not been going as fast as we wished, but that was to be expected. In a service-based business it is hard to execute things that are not related to everyday client work, but hey, it doesn’t mean we should retreat.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 17 Sep 2015

The Future Looks Bright(on)

This is a short review of Vjeran and me visiting dConstruct conference in Brighton last week, with a few related remarks. The conference is a think-outside-the-box kind of event, an inspiration and a chance to see what’s around the corner. The theme of the conference was “Designing the Future”.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 12 Jan 2015

2014! The baseline for a great future

So another year has passed. It has passed so quickly probably because we have been so busy. Each year the Netgen team surprises me with all the things achieved and this year was the best so far. The new year has started so it’s time for a short recap, just like for the last 3 years: 2011, 2012, 2013.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 31 Dec 2014

Bird's eye view on eZ Publish future (the New York trip)

Earlier this month I was in New York for the eZ Innovation Board meeting. It was basically a sneak peek into the eZ Publish future with a bird's eye view. Or something like an 86th floor Empire State Building view. You have a great view and see far in the distance, but you can also look straight down, which is not very pleasant :)

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak • 2 Dec 2014

Tidying up your free-form content with structured body field

There is an ongoing search in web community for an appropriate content modelling tool, one that could cope with conflicting requirements set by modern CMS development. We believe eZ Publish provided a viable solution a long time ago.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 21 Jan 2014

2013! On a right path, still a lot to reach the goal

A year ago, while concluding year 2012, I wrote 2 simple goals for the company in year 2013. To be more efficient as a team while maintaining level of engagement. By engagement I mean all time that is spent for education, helping the community, charity or just in communication with all possible peers.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 2 Jul 2013

The eZ Publish Show #15 - Future of Content Management Systems

As announced few days ago The eZ Publish Show continued today. We were broadcasting live from Google+ Hangout and recorded video of the episode #15 is now available on Youtube.

Guest were Bryan Ruby from CMS Report and Apoorv Durga from Real Story Group. The main topic was a bit broader than usual: Future of Content Management Systems

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 17 Jun 2013

eZ Publish Summer Camp - opportunity for eZ and Symfony community to meet

There are many reasons why we invest so much time and effort into organizing eZ Publish Summer Camp. I will not count them here. Rather, I'll talk about a very sensitive period for the eZ community which started a year ago and will last for several years more.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 15 May 2013

The eZ Publish Show #13 - Road to 5.1

As announced here The eZ Publish Show continued today. We were broadcasting live from Google+ Hangout. Recorded video of the episode #13 is now available on Youtube.

Guest were André Rømcke and Bertrand Dunogier both from eZ Engineering. The main topic was eZ Publish version 5.1 and what the new version is bringing

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak • 12 May 2013

Future friendly web strategy

Building a sustainable web strategy in hyper-changing environment that we have today requires using powerful content management technology.

A few thoughts on why we think eZ Publish is the right tool to choose.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 26 Apr 2013

The eZ Publish Show #12 - Community Engagement

As announced here The eZ Publish Show returned today. We were broadcasting live from Google+ Hangout. Recorded video is now available on Youtube.

Geoff Bentley an I hosted Aleksander Farstad (the new CEO of eZ Systems), Nicolas Pastorino (VP Community at eZ Systems) and Doug Plant (Mugo, Canada). The topic was community engagement

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 20 Mar 2013

eZ Summit 2013 in Cologne - Overview

It is always a pleasure to come to Cologne. It is maybe not as attractive as last years Partner Conference location (Lisbon), but it definetaly has it charms - read: lot of Koelsh beer and interesting people :)

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 14 Jan 2013

2012! It was a challenging year, but even more challenging year started

One year ago we were summarizing year 2011. Now is the time to underline what we achieved in year 2012 and also what we learned in the process. It will be interesting to see on how we met the expectations for 2012: to have more engagement, to work more, to earn more. Let see how we performed.

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 22 Nov 2012

eZ Publish 5 REST API internals

This week saw a release of final version of eZ Publish 5 Kilimanjaro. One of the most prominent and advertised features available is certainly the brand new eZ Publish REST API. I know for a fact that support for full CRUD in eZ Publish REST API is one of the most wished for features in last couple of years. I’ve been honored to work on implementing the new eZ Publish REST API as part of Netgens R&D partnership with eZ Systems and the intention of this blog post is to give you insight on inner workings of the new API and give you some examples.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 1 Sep 2012

eZ Publish Summer Camp - behind the scenes - part 2

We have just hit a new milestone. After opening the registrations back in May, today we finished all that we can do off site and tomorrow we are going to the Summer Camp location (Bol on island of Brač) to finish the preparations and welcome all attendees. Also, the registrations on the web site are closed too as we exceeded our expectations and there is too little time for some late guest to organize the trip.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 6 Jun 2012

eZ Publish Summer Camp - behind the scenes

It was late November. My colleague Vjeran and me were driving to our second office (in Osijek). Driving for few hours on a highway is an excellent opportunity to brainstorm. It is usually hard to find time to discuss some ideas as you always have some better things to do. So we brainstormed so intensely that we missed the turn and lost 20 minutes going around :) 

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 26 Feb 2012

eZ Partner Conference 2012 in Lisbon - Overview

Usually I start with the event itself and mention the location at the end. This time the location really deserves to be mentioned first. In my humble opinion Lisbon was a bulls-eye decision due to the beautiful weather (sunny with almost 15 degrees Celsius) while most other parts of Europe were covered with snow and under freezing -15 degrees Celsius :). It was a great pleasure to enjoy the sun and discuss the future of eZ with other attendees.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 5 Jan 2012

2011! What a year for Netgen. Lot of expectation for 2012 too

So once a year CEO-s of a big companies write a letter to their shareholders with year summary and the direction where the company is heading in the next year, but as we are not a corporation (yet) I'll just write a simple blog post with just one business fact. The most important one.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 15 Feb 2011

A meeting of Croatian eZ Publish developers (in a pub) - Summary

Netgen organized the first gathering of Croatian eZ Publish developers at “Zlatni Medo”, pub in Zagreb, Croatia. We were thrilled to host this event because we got the chance to get back in touch with some old friends as well as to meet some new ones. People came from Varaždin and Osijek so the event was countrywide :)

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 1 Feb 2011

eZ Winter Conference 2011 in Nice - Summary

A few notes from the eZ Winter Conference we were attending last week.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 1 Dec 2010

Developers, developers, developers! (a repost)

Software big guns like Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. wouldn’t be so spread across the globe if they did not think about the developers who work on their platform, so eZ Systems should do the same thing - take special care about eZ platform developing potential.