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Blog post by Maja Nebes • 2 Jan 2018

Save the date for Web Summer Camp 2018

Let’s start the new year by marking Web Summer Camp 2018 in our calendars for another summer week filled with quality hands-on workshops.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 9 Mar 2017

Admin interface (r)evolution

After using the old eZ Publish administration for more than a decade, it seemed that the journey will come to an end. The new eZ Platform UI revolution should have put the old dog out of business by now. That hasn't happened yet, so we gave this old dog a new life in such manner that it could still be used on many projects.

Blog post by Maja Nebes • 2 Feb 2017

#websc Super Early Birds have flown in! Hurry to get all discounts

Dear Campers, Super Early Bird tickets for Web Summer Camp 2017 are out! Check out all 2017 news and see you in Rovinj August 30-September 2!

Blog post by Filip Božanović • 8 Dec 2016

Integrating OAuth on eZ sites using NetgenEzSocialConnectBundle

In several recent projects we had been asked to implement ‘Login with Facebook’, ‘Login with Google’ functionality into eZ Publish 5 and eZ Platform, so we decided to go ahead and develop our own bundle based on HWIOAuthBundle.

Blog post by Maja Nebes • 24 Nov 2016

Announcing Web Summer Camp 2017! Speakers Wanted

We at Netgen and Salsa Adria Productions are ready for another #websc adventure, are you? :) The website is out, we know the time and the place, and are looking for speakers and sponsors. We've also released all 2016 PHP and eZ Publish workshop videos, check them out!

Blog post by Hrvoje Tomić • 18 Apr 2016

Summer Camp logo evolution

For the fifth year in a row, we are organizing Summer Camp for web developers and other web professionals. Over time, our event grew organically. It evolved through widening the scope and the range of topics being covered. The branding also needed to be altered along the event itself. This is a short tale about our event logo evolution.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač, Maja Nebes • 6 Apr 2016

Introducing Web Summer Camp 2016

A few months ago, we announced the date and location for our 2016 Summer Camp event. We’ve been organizing the event since 2012 under the name eZ Publish Summer Camp. In 2014, we added PHP topics and adjoined PHP Summer Camp to it. This year, with the complex process of developing web solutions in mind, we added one more topic that is related to web design and decided to group the topics under one umbrella brand: Web Summer Camp.

Blog post by Filip Božanović • 1 Mar 2016

An approach to using Behat in eZ sites

Some of our previous articles have dealt with behavioural testing to some degree. This post will attempt to reason through some of the design choices I’ve made in using Behat in eZ sites.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 31 Dec 2015

The eZ Publish Show #26: Christmas Special with Roland Benedetti

As announced on the community site, the Christmas Special episode was with Roland Benedetti, Chief Product Officer of eZ System, as a guest. The main topic was the recent release of eZ Platform and eZ Studio, a long-awaited next generation of eZ Publish CMS. 

Blog post by Maja Nebes • 22 Dec 2015

Save the date for Summer Camp 2016 - and enjoy our holiday presents!

We figured there is no better time to announce Summer Camp 2016 than the holiday season. We know the time and the place, the rest of the information will be on your way soon. Since we always strive for improvement, we have some exciting news for you in that department! So, here goes!

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak • 25 Nov 2015

An eZ Week in NYC

Earlier this year, when it was announced that eZ Conference 2015 is going to be held in New York, I had mixed feelings about the place of business. Two ten-hour-long plane trips and seven days out of the office seemed like quite an investment, but since we are building Netgen to be the top eZ expert, New York was the place to be.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 13 Nov 2015

A few thoughts about the Symfony framework and PHP in general

Although it is interesting to read bickering about PHP in the blog comments, forum threads, or Facebook group discussions, this post is not about comparing PHP with other languages. It is about an important factor that keeps PHP on the top - the frameworks. 

Blog post by Filip Božanović • 27 Oct 2015

Adding support for a new field type to eZ Platform UI

Currently, Platform UI is still in its early versions, but it's nearing release. This article deals with integrating custom field types into the new Admin interface. I'm using our TagsBundle as an example.

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 28 Sep 2015

eZ Publish and Sylius integration strikes again (or how we went to SymfonyLive London 2015)

The SymfonyLive conferences are a great way to meet Symfony experts from all around the world. They are being held in several cities this year alone: Paris, Berlin, San Francisco and London. The 4th edition of SymfonyLive London was held on 17th and 18th of September 2015. My colleague Ivo and I attended, together with our partner and friend, Antonio of Locastic.

Blog post by Maja Nebes • 19 May 2015

Five Strokes with Ryan Weaver

With PHP & eZ Publish Summer Camp approaching, we decided to ask Ryan Weaver, voted the best speaker last year, a few questions.

Blog post by Maja Nebes • 6 May 2015

Summer Camp Super Early Bird Gets the Best Price!

You already have the most important information about Netgen’s eZ Publish & PHP Summer Camp, and you know what to expect once you get there, but the answer to how to get there is finally here - Super Early Bird tickets have arrived!

Blog post by Dinko Mihaljević • 22 Oct 2014

Four Strokes with Paweł Jędrzejewski

Paweł Jędrzejewski is creator of Sylius and founder at Lakion. Small interview, only four questions, but we managed to cover various topics like SummerCamp, eZ Publish Community, Sylius, Lakion, future of Paweł's projects and so on...

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 15 Apr 2014

Going mainstream with PHP and eZ Publish Summer Camp: Call for workshops and sponsors

One month ago we announced a double event: the 3rd eZ Publish Summer Camp and the 1st PHP Summer Camp. Today we released some more information on each web site and are calling PHP, Symfony and eZ Publish gurus to send us proposals for workshops. There is an opportunity for interested companies and organisations to sponsor the events as well.

Blog post by Tomislav Buljević • 12 Mar 2014

How I delved into the world of teaching eZ Publish to people

This post will be all about my experiences on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek, how the whole idea of a lecture and workshop came to me, and how it all realised in the end.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 2 Feb 2014

How to measure search result quality (in eZ Publish)

Solr is an excellent search engine. We are using it for years through eZ Find (its an eZ Publish extension for searching) and its really powerful and flexible solution. Our use cases are not that complex so we never actually hit into a wall with Solr. But there is one problem when building search solutions in general which we encountered few times and for which Solr has no feature. It happens when the language of the indexed content is some language that we as integrators don't understand.  

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak • 13 Jan 2014

Responsive images solution for eZ Publish

Responsive web design (RWD) redefined the way we design web sites. The disruption went deep and changed both the processes and deliverables we hold dear for so long, and today in Netgen RWD is the default route we take with every new project. But, bundled with its core unifying principle of every browser getting the same HTML, some tough problems arose. One of the most discussed is the responsive images problem of providing alternate images based on device capabilities and screen sizes.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 21 Dec 2013

eZ Publish 5 Tip: How to make a print preview page or any other pagelayout override

There is a lot to learn about new eZ Publish 5 stack. The reason is simple: new architecture and new frameworks are being used. Lot of legacy knowledge is going to be deprecated, many tips & tricks you know now are no longer usable. The good thing is that the new platform is much more powerful simply because it uses Symfony framework. This blog post gives a perfect example on how to deal with problems when trying to use the new stack in your project.

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak • 21 Aug 2013

Using eZ Flow blocks in pagelayout templates

eZ Flow enables content editors to create rich layouts in eZ Publish and is mostly used on portal pages. Read on to see how we can use the same tool for managing content elements in pagelayout template.

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak • 12 May 2013

Future friendly web strategy

Building a sustainable web strategy in hyper-changing environment that we have today requires using powerful content management technology.

A few thoughts on why we think eZ Publish is the right tool to choose.

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 12 Feb 2013

Netgen Language Switcher for eZ Publish (and some love for other extensions too)

One thing that was continuously bothering us with eZ Publish when developing websites, was its built-in language switcher. For the most part and for smaller sites it works fine, but it does have some limitations. Since it generates URLs with /switchlanguage/to/ module view, it is not really SEO friendly. On larger sites with many pages and languages, it pollutes the search engine indexes and makes it really hard to filter relevant content. Another issue with it is that it doesn’t work with host_uri siteaccess matching. It simply won’t generate correct redirects.

Blog post by Tomislav Buljević • 2 Jan 2013

Confessions of an apprentice: Custom actions and restrictions on content browsing in eZ Publish


I have a present for you all. In this article we will cover not one, but two topics which will actually be wrapped in a nice little functionality which you can use. So, we will cover the custom actions of eZ Publish, and the restrictions on content browsing.

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak • 7 Nov 2012

An overview: eZ UnConference 2012, Cologne

It has been a crazy few weeks (nothing but work) here at Netgen since returning from eZ UnConference #1, so I am a bit behind schedule with this post, but better late than never. :-)

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 28 Sep 2012

eZ Tags 2.0 beta is released, try it out!

Impossible, you say :) After a long year, when we first started development of version 2.0 of eZ Tags, we finally have something to show to the community. We know it shouldn’t have lasted this long, but what can you do... Sometimes a paying job just gets in a way :)

Blog post by Tomislav Buljević • 11 Sep 2012

Confessions of an apprentice: My experience on the eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012

If you'd like to know how the 3-day event on Bol went from an apprentice's point of view, read on!

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 1 Sep 2012

eZ Publish Summer Camp - behind the scenes - part 2

We have just hit a new milestone. After opening the registrations back in May, today we finished all that we can do off site and tomorrow we are going to the Summer Camp location (Bol on island of Brač) to finish the preparations and welcome all attendees. Also, the registrations on the web site are closed too as we exceeded our expectations and there is too little time for some late guest to organize the trip.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 17 Aug 2012

Interview with André Rømcke, Lead Engineer for eZ Publish CMS

In the second interview here on Netgen Blog our guest is André Rømcke. He is the Lead Engineer for eZ Publish CMS and one of the main people behind the new verison 5.

"eZ Publish 4.x is maybe the open source CMS out there with most features, so we might never have the same feature set in the core of 5.x as it represents a slight change of focus from quantity to quality" - AR

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 16 Aug 2012

Setting up eZ Publish host_uri matching properly

As we all know, eZ Publish is very powerful, so much that there are probably some settings you didn’t even know existed and when you do find them, you feel like a luckiest man/woman alive. But, so much power can sometimes bring lots of headaches :)

One, relatively recent, headache I was having was when setting up host_uri siteaccess matching on one fairly large multilanguage & multisite eZ Publish installation. The installation has couple of databases and domains and many languages.

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak • 25 Jul 2012

Let’s enjoy the Symfony

One of the news that shook the eZ Community this month is the announcement of eZ Publish 5 being developed with Symfony framework.The initial blog post got a lot of attention, with the sentiment by far being positive, but with some well put concerns regarding the business side of the decision.  Taking these into account, we still think the positive repercussions of this decision greatly out weight the possibly problematic ones, and here is why.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 18 Jul 2012

About the eZ Product Innovation Board

As reported few months back I was called to join the eZ Product Innovation Board. We had 2 meetings so far and I guess it is now a good time to cover the topic on our blog.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 27 Jun 2012

Using Tomcat with eZ Find

Few years back when eZ Find (on github) showed up we soon started to deploy it on almost every site we were implementing. The hearth of eZ Find is Solr - a Lucene based java search engine with REST interface. Bundled wit eZ Find comes Jetty for running the whole java stack with one command to keep the usage as simple as possible. We switched to Apache Tomcat instead. Learn why.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 6 Jun 2012

eZ Publish Summer Camp - behind the scenes

It was late November. My colleague Vjeran and me were driving to our second office (in Osijek). Driving for few hours on a highway is an excellent opportunity to brainstorm. It is usually hard to find time to discuss some ideas as you always have some better things to do. So we brainstormed so intensely that we missed the turn and lost 20 minutes going around :) 

Blog post by Tomislav Buljević • 7 May 2012

Confessions of an apprentice: How to create and use custom fetch functions in eZ Publish

In this article, you will learn how to create your custom fetch functions which will help you in further development of your module. Also, this is a natural continuation of the last article because we will use the examples from the custom database table we created earlier to set up the new fetch functions.

If you need to brush up on your knowledge, I recommend reading the last Confessions of an Apprentice. If not, read on!

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 26 Feb 2012

eZ Partner Conference 2012 in Lisbon - Overview

Usually I start with the event itself and mention the location at the end. This time the location really deserves to be mentioned first. In my humble opinion Lisbon was a bulls-eye decision due to the beautiful weather (sunny with almost 15 degrees Celsius) while most other parts of Europe were covered with snow and under freezing -15 degrees Celsius :). It was a great pleasure to enjoy the sun and discuss the future of eZ with other attendees.

Blog post by Tomislav Buljević • 24 Feb 2012

Confessions of an apprentice: How to manipulate data from an eZ Publish database with PHP

As you have probably realized by now, we are delving deeper into the PHP side of eZ Publish as this series of articles progresses. We continue in this spirit, so if you read on, you will find out how to create a database table and manipulate the data from it, using eZ Publish tools.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 20 Feb 2012

Changing class of an existing object in eZ Publish CMS

This tip is only for advanced and experienced developers, classified as "do not do this at home" and "no warranty".

Blog post by Tomislav Buljević • 26 Jan 2012

Confessions of an apprentice: Creating a mobile channel (siteaccess) in eZ Publish

In the new article of our eZ Publish intermediate guide, we talk about siteaccesses and how they can be used for creating multiple pages of a site.

Blog post by Tomislav Buljević • 10 Jan 2012

Confessions of an apprentice: Creating a custom page layout in eZ Publish

In the new edition of Confessions of an apprentice we will show you how to easily change layouts on a portion or portions of your website.

Blog post by Tomislav Buljević • 19 Dec 2011

Confessions of an apprentice: eZ Publish Views revealed

As promised in the last article, this one will be all about the views. We will create a simple view, and show you how to use views to further improve your projects. So, read on!

Blog post by Tomislav Buljević • 5 Dec 2011

Confessions of an apprentice: Creating eZ Publish modules

In the last article we have created our own template operator, introducing a new functionality to our eZ Publish extension and, ultimately, to the whole site. But what happens if we want to introduce a whole set of functionalities wrapped in a neat package? Read on to find out!

Blog post by Tomislav Buljević • 21 Nov 2011

Confessions of an apprentice: Setting up template operators in eZ Publish

Welcome to the first article in a series of articles concerning development in the eZ Publish CMS. In this, the first article of a new series concerning the intermediate developers we take a look at the creation and usability of template operators. First, we will get an overview of template operators in general, after that, I will explain the creation of a custom template operator. So, read on!

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 5 Oct 2011

Interview with Aleksander Farstad, founder of eZ Systems and eZ Publish open source CMS

In the first interview here on Netgen Blog we have Aleksander Farstad. He is the founder of eZ Systems with their main product eZ Publish open source CMS and was the CEO from 1999 to 2009. Currently, he is the Member of the Board and VP of Business Development.

"The stronger the community, the stronger the product and the stronger the company the stronger the product...this is adding up." - AF

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 7 Sep 2011

New version of eZ Tags released

We have just released a new version of eZ Tags extension which brings the version number up to 1.2. This is a second version released since the initial blog post introducing eZ Tags six months ago and we thought it would be a good idea to give an overview of what is new in eZ Tags 1.1 and 1.2.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 24 Aug 2011

eZ Publish CMS persistent variables

I will share with you a secret known only to eZ Publish gurus: persistent variables are not that hard to learn :). Of course, learning depends on good materials so hopefully this blog post will help clarify some things.

Just for test I spent 30 seconds on google (usually enough time) to find some good learning content about persistent variables and I found no such page on ez.no ecosystem. I did found 2 short  blog posts (first and second) about the topic, not counting several forum posts. Interesting though, from both blogs you can see that authors haven’t been aware of persistent variables possibilities (second one even calls it mythical) but realized quickly how useful they are. 

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 11 Aug 2011

eZ Conference 2011 in London, a Late Recap

It has been more than a month now from the event so the topic is no longer in the spotlight, but I will do a late recap anyway. The main reason for such a big delay was, to be completely honest, no free time whatsoever. So I hope you find this post as a nice reminder on the event.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 20 Jun 2011

We presented on eZ Publish Conference in London

We presented our social flavored extensions on eZ Conference in London on June 16th. The presentation covered Web Engagement Management features which will modern CMS platform like eZ Publish need to be successful in the near future.  

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 27 Apr 2011

How to install and use eZ Tags

Since we tagged eZ Tags extension as stable on GitHub few weeks ago, we thought this would be a good time to write something about how to install eZ Tags extension and common usages.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 25 Mar 2011

Overview of eZ Tags extension

The time has come to inform the eZ community about interesting stuff currently in development in eZ Tags extension and to give a current overview of the project.

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 22 Mar 2011

Netgen Connect - sign in by social networks made easy

Social networks are what web is about today. If you don’t have at least one social network account, you practically don’t exist on the Internet. Some would argue about these statements (including myself, mainly concerning Facebook), but at the end of the day, the truth is that social networks matter, to users as well as websites.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 15 Feb 2011

A meeting of Croatian eZ Publish developers (in a pub) - Summary

Netgen organized the first gathering of Croatian eZ Publish developers at “Zlatni Medo”, pub in Zagreb, Croatia. We were thrilled to host this event because we got the chance to get back in touch with some old friends as well as to meet some new ones. People came from Varaždin and Osijek so the event was countrywide :)

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 1 Feb 2011

eZ Winter Conference 2011 in Nice - Summary

A few notes from the eZ Winter Conference we were attending last week.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 1 Dec 2010

Developers, developers, developers! (a repost)

Software big guns like Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. wouldn’t be so spread across the globe if they did not think about the developers who work on their platform, so eZ Systems should do the same thing - take special care about eZ platform developing potential.

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 16 Nov 2010

Overview of Netgen Push extension

Netgen Push provides a simple and effective way to push any kind of content from eZ Publish to various social networks. For the time being, Twitter and Facebook connectors are implemented, while eZ Publish REST API and Tumblr API are in the planning stage. Netgen Push also provides a basic framework to develop your own connectors to any social network that uses OAuth authentication protocol.

Blog post by Petar Španja • 9 Nov 2010

eZ Filter jQuery plugin

eZ Filter jQuery plugin is a simple plugin which binds select element with eZ Publish CMS view parameters.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 23 Jul 2010

eZ Conference 2010 in Berlin - Summary

Some of us at Netgen attended eZ Conference a few weeks ago in Berlin (and had a great time there :-), so we would like to present eZ developers with a small summary on few topics that we think are important.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 18 Jun 2010

Geo search with eZ Find - search for nearest locations

In this blog post we present a simple example on how to build a spatial search with eZFind. The most common usage of the spatial search would be finding  the nearest locations available and this is what we are describing here.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 2 Jun 2010

Building Netgen Suggest extension: suggestion drop down for search fields using Solr facets

We introduce some of the details on how we developed "Netgen Suggest" extension for eZPublish. Extension is shared with community: projects.ez.no/ngsuggest. Download and installation instructions can be found there.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 26 May 2010

Solving performance problems with Memcache Mutex extension for eZ Publish - Part II: Technical details

Here is just a short technical explanation of the topic in the last blog post. That post described how we solved a performance issue on one eZ Publish based web site by developing an eZ Publish extension which overrides eZMutex to use memcache instead of file locking. The extension is published and shared with the community on projects.ez.no.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 7 May 2010

Solving performance problems with Memcache Mutex extension for eZ Publish

The post is describing how we solved a performance issue on one eZ Publish based web site. The site was using more web servers with shared disk device based on SAN. With no obvious reason web servers had high load averages and what was even worse: increasing load on one web server would quickly increase load on other web servers...