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Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 20 Nov 2017

How to start using Netgen Admin UI

A lot of existing eZ projects are still using eZ Publish legacy stack, fully or partially – it is an eZ ecosystem reality. A typical eZ project tends to be big, long living, and complex, so rebuilding everything might not be a viable solution. The more realistic path is upgrading the site to the newest eZ version and refactoring it step by step until getting rid of all legacy code. This is where Netgen Admin UI with the Legacy Bridge comes in handy.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 5 Jun 2017

We are releasing Netgen Admin UI to the public

After a lot of thought and discussions, we finally decided to make our Admin UI available to the public. It should serve as a smoother migration path to the new eZ Platform era for many existing eZ Publish projects.

Blog post by Maja Nebes • 21 Sep 2016

Web Summer Camp 2016 - engaging workshops and experience sharing on the radiant Croatian coast

This year’s Summer Camp was bound to be interesting even before it started. We changed the brand, added a new topic, moved to a new venue, and were curious and eager to see how our participants would respond to the transition. Well, it turns out we had no reason to worry. :)

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak, Vjeran Vlahović, Ivo Lukač • 17 Aug 2016

Netgen Layouts debut

We are proud to present the first version of Netgen Layouts, an easy and flexible way of managing layouts for Symfony-based web solutions. Netgen Layouts is an add-on tool on top of an existing CMS or e-commerce system. It should serve as a strong collaboration point where site builders, UX designers, and developers can manage and maintain the website layout structure in a simple but extensible way. With Netgen Layouts we want to reinvent the website implementation process and make it more agile.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 8 Jul 2016

Improving our DevOps with Vagrant, Ansible, and PhpStorm

A long, long time ago we used only one tool for syncing development instances with production environments - FTP. Over the years, we at Netgen improved slowly but are still not where we want to be. The main problem is that we have many projects and clients with different infrastructure in type and size. It is very hard to consolidate the process in that situation. Here is what we have managed so far using Vagrant, Ansible, and PhpStorm.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 27 Jun 2016

Web Summer Camp 2016 full program and schedule

After a lot of work on rebranding the Summer Camp, we focused on assembling valuable workshops and other activities. Earlier this month the program was completed with the whole schedule available online. We also added info about the extras and, what is very interesting, we received enough requests for the Companion track, so we can confirm it will happen.

Blog post by Maja Nebes • 9 May 2016

Web Summer Camp Super Early Bird tickets available! And a few other surprises

We are delighted to announce that Super Early Bird tickets for Web Summer Camp are available! Find below all info on the ticket price and what it includes as well as other Camp news and novelties. 

Blog post by Hrvoje Tomić • 18 Apr 2016

Summer Camp logo evolution

For the fifth year in a row, we are organizing Summer Camp for web developers and other web professionals. Over time, our event grew organically. It evolved through widening the scope and the range of topics being covered. The branding also needed to be altered along the event itself. This is a short tale about our event logo evolution.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač, Maja Nebes • 6 Apr 2016

Introducing Web Summer Camp 2016

A few months ago, we announced the date and location for our 2016 Summer Camp event. We’ve been organizing the event since 2012 under the name eZ Publish Summer Camp. In 2014, we added PHP topics and adjoined PHP Summer Camp to it. This year, with the complex process of developing web solutions in mind, we added one more topic that is related to web design and decided to group the topics under one umbrella brand: Web Summer Camp.

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 2 Dec 2015

Introducing Netgen variant of eZ Publish Community 2014.11 kernel

As you probably know, eZ Publish Community 2014.11 is the last stable release of eZ Publish 5 hybrid stack (not counting the enterprise versions, naturally). You also probably know that it is stuck on Symfony 2.5 and is missing some nicer features and bug fixes from the eZ Platform (currently in beta) and eZ Publish Enterprise 5.4.x releases.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 13 Nov 2015

A few thoughts about the Symfony framework and PHP in general

Although it is interesting to read bickering about PHP in the blog comments, forum threads, or Facebook group discussions, this post is not about comparing PHP with other languages. It is about an important factor that keeps PHP on the top - the frameworks. 

Blog post by Maja Nebes, Borna Perak, Zvonimir Sušac • 4 Sep 2015

PHP & eZ Publish Summer Camp Odyssey 2015

When we announced PHP & eZ Publish Summer Camp 2015 in March, we must admit we had only been secretly hoping for such an amazing turnout - the Camp was sold out! Now it’s time for us to share with you the gained experience, shared knowledge, and all the fun we had during and between the workshops.

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 17 Jul 2015

TagsBundle and eZ Tags with multilanguage tags released

Today is a special day for Netgen. After a couple of years of development and constant testing, we finally tagged and released the multilanguage variant of eZ Tags (which includes TagsBundle as well as the legacy extension).

Blog post by Ivan Herak, Edi Modrić • 16 Jun 2015

We are open sourcing our integration of eCommerce solution (Sylius) with CMS (eZ Publish)

Recently we have built a website alutec.no with our partners Keyteq as project leaders and Locastic as development partners. That would not be such a special news if the site was not built on top of a very interesting combination: content is managed with the eZ Publish 5.* version which is based on Symfony framework and shop features are implemented with Sylius components which are installed on top of the same Symfony instance.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 18 Mar 2015

The eZ Publish Show #24: Externalising the legacy code

As mentioned in the post on share.ez.no, I invited eZ Engineering team to The eZ Publish Show so they can give some more details on the last developments with the eZ Platform. Bertrand Dunogier, one of the team members, joined the Hangout. He talked about how they achieved legacy code externalization, and he also gave some more info about the new installer. 

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 31 Dec 2014

Bird's eye view on eZ Publish future (the New York trip)

Earlier this month I was in New York for the eZ Innovation Board meeting. It was basically a sneak peek into the eZ Publish future with a bird's eye view. Or something like an 86th floor Empire State Building view. You have a great view and see far in the distance, but you can also look straight down, which is not very pleasant :)

Blog post by Petar Španja • 4 Dec 2014

Creating and updating eZ Publish Content via Symfony's Form component

Recently we were asked by one of our customers to implement user registration that will not rely on the Legacy Stack. As the sizeable part of this request is related to the user interface, we took this chance to implement something that will benefit us for other use cases as well.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 31 Oct 2014

The eZ Publish Show #20: Is Sylius the base for the new eZ eCommerce solution?

Yesterday I had a great discussion with Paweł Jędrzejewski about Sylius and would it be a good choice as a base for eZ eCommerce solution. After 30 minutes he lost the internet connection, the discussion was abruptly finished but it was near to end anyway. Hope the recorded video will still be interesting.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 15 Oct 2014

Overview of caching in eZ Publish new stack

Summer is over and we are returning to our usual duties: from working on projects to sharing our experience. As we started releasing sites based on eZ Publish 5 and Symfony, it is time to tell what we learned so far, at least some of the more interesting parts. And what would be better topic if not caching :) The post was written while preparing presentation for Zagreb PHP Conference earlier this month (slides can be found here).

Blog post by Tomislav Buljević • 18 Sep 2014

eZ Publish & PHP Summer Camp 2014 - 4 days of workshops and fun

The dust has settled, the impressions have been made, everybody packed their bags and went home. That is why we think it’s time to revisit Rovinj a bit and give a report on everything that happened during the 4 days we’ve spent at the 2014 PHP and eZ Publish Summer Camps.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 22 Aug 2014

PHP / eZ Publish Summer Camp 2014 - latest insights

With less than 2 weeks till both PHP Summer Camp and eZ Publish Summer Camp its time to share whats currently going on with preparations and reveal few more interesting facts.

Blog post by Petar Španja • 8 Jul 2014

Fetching content in eZ Publish 5 using Search service

This article covers what is, in my opinion, one of the coolest and most important features of eZ Publish 5. I’m not saying that, for example, HTTP caching is not cool or important, but if you don’t know how to find the stuff you need there will hardly be something to cache, right? So cover your bases.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 3 Jul 2014

The eZ Publish Show #19 - The eZ Platform (new stack) is maturing, whats in it for Symfony community?

After 6 months of delay, finally, the episode #19 of The eZ Publish Show was aired today. 

Topic of the show was the new eZ Platform (new stack based on Symfony PHP framework) but from the Symfony community point of view.  

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 31 May 2014

Search And Filter Bundle for eZ Publish 5

As we started to work more and more on the eZ Publish new stack and Symfony framework some generic code started to pop out. One of the first examples is the Netgen Search And Filter Bundle which we shared on github. Its an eZ Publish 5 solution for configuring pages with custom searching and filtering. 

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 22 Apr 2014

eZ Publish 5 - the hybrid stack

With coming of the eZ Publish CMS version 5 and introduction of the Public API a new naming convention was established, the version 4 technology was called legacy stack and the new technology, with the Public API as the cornerstone, was called the new stack. Recently by using this new stuff more and more I realised that this naming is a bit misleading.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 15 Apr 2014

Going mainstream with PHP and eZ Publish Summer Camp: Call for workshops and sponsors

One month ago we announced a double event: the 3rd eZ Publish Summer Camp and the 1st PHP Summer Camp. Today we released some more information on each web site and are calling PHP, Symfony and eZ Publish gurus to send us proposals for workshops. There is an opportunity for interested companies and organisations to sponsor the events as well.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 21 Dec 2013

eZ Publish 5 Tip: How to make a print preview page or any other pagelayout override

There is a lot to learn about new eZ Publish 5 stack. The reason is simple: new architecture and new frameworks are being used. Lot of legacy knowledge is going to be deprecated, many tips & tricks you know now are no longer usable. The good thing is that the new platform is much more powerful simply because it uses Symfony framework. This blog post gives a perfect example on how to deal with problems when trying to use the new stack in your project.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 20 Dec 2013

The eZ Publish Show #18 - Road to eZ Publish version 5.3

The episode #18 of The eZ Publish Show was an excellent example why I am doing this show. Sometimes it looks like it doesn't make sense to spend time on this due to not so big audience. But episodes like the one we aired yesterday proved otherwise. There was some problems due to recent changes in Google+ Hangout but we managed to record it and the video is now available on Youtube.

Topic of the show was Road to eZ Publish version 5.3, I tried to get some info on what we will get with the next version from Roland Benedetti, Product Lead in eZ Systems and Bård Farstad, Head of Innovation Board. The main idea behind this episode was to learn important roadmap information in a informal discussions with guys who are steering the product.

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 19 Dec 2013

Impressions from SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013

Last week I attended the first official Symfony conference (dubbed SymfonyCon) organized by SensioLabs. The conference was held in the Westin Hotel in Warsaw, Poland with 600 people from all around the globe attending.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 22 Oct 2013

The eZ Publish Show #17 - How to start with eZ Publish 5 stack

Episode #17 of The eZ Publish Show was aired today. We were broadcasting live from Google+ Hangout and recorded video is now available on Youtube.

The new eZ Publish 5 using Symfony full stack is coming and its success will depend on people start using it. So the main topic was on how to start with eZ Publish 5 whether you create new sites from scratch or upgrade from existing one. 

Guests were Jérôme Vieilledent from eZ Systems and Ekkehard Dörre and Donat Fritschy from CJW Network. 

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 17 Jun 2013

eZ Publish Summer Camp - opportunity for eZ and Symfony community to meet

There are many reasons why we invest so much time and effort into organizing eZ Publish Summer Camp. I will not count them here. Rather, I'll talk about a very sensitive period for the eZ community which started a year ago and will last for several years more.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 15 May 2013

The eZ Publish Show #13 - Road to 5.1

As announced here The eZ Publish Show continued today. We were broadcasting live from Google+ Hangout. Recorded video of the episode #13 is now available on Youtube.

Guest were André Rømcke and Bertrand Dunogier both from eZ Engineering. The main topic was eZ Publish version 5.1 and what the new version is bringing

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak • 12 May 2013

Future friendly web strategy

Building a sustainable web strategy in hyper-changing environment that we have today requires using powerful content management technology.

A few thoughts on why we think eZ Publish is the right tool to choose.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 20 Mar 2013

eZ Summit 2013 in Cologne - Overview

It is always a pleasure to come to Cologne. It is maybe not as attractive as last years Partner Conference location (Lisbon), but it definetaly has it charms - read: lot of Koelsh beer and interesting people :)

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 6 Mar 2013

First chords in Symfony

It has been a long time since I started to learn some new development tool from scratch. For years we are using eZ Publish CMS for our web projects. Of course, we also use other technologies from the stack (PHP, MySQL, Solr, CSS, Javascript, etc.) but the main platform is eZ. With new eZ Publish version 5 we got one new tool in the stack: Symfony PHP framework.

Blog post by Edi Modrić • 22 Nov 2012

eZ Publish 5 REST API internals

This week saw a release of final version of eZ Publish 5 Kilimanjaro. One of the most prominent and advertised features available is certainly the brand new eZ Publish REST API. I know for a fact that support for full CRUD in eZ Publish REST API is one of the most wished for features in last couple of years. I’ve been honored to work on implementing the new eZ Publish REST API as part of Netgens R&D partnership with eZ Systems and the intention of this blog post is to give you insight on inner workings of the new API and give you some examples.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 1 Sep 2012

eZ Publish Summer Camp - behind the scenes - part 2

We have just hit a new milestone. After opening the registrations back in May, today we finished all that we can do off site and tomorrow we are going to the Summer Camp location (Bol on island of Brač) to finish the preparations and welcome all attendees. Also, the registrations on the web site are closed too as we exceeded our expectations and there is too little time for some late guest to organize the trip.

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 17 Aug 2012

Interview with André Rømcke, Lead Engineer for eZ Publish CMS

In the second interview here on Netgen Blog our guest is André Rømcke. He is the Lead Engineer for eZ Publish CMS and one of the main people behind the new verison 5.

"eZ Publish 4.x is maybe the open source CMS out there with most features, so we might never have the same feature set in the core of 5.x as it represents a slight change of focus from quantity to quality" - AR

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak • 25 Jul 2012

Let’s enjoy the Symfony

One of the news that shook the eZ Community this month is the announcement of eZ Publish 5 being developed with Symfony framework.The initial blog post got a lot of attention, with the sentiment by far being positive, but with some well put concerns regarding the business side of the decision.  Taking these into account, we still think the positive repercussions of this decision greatly out weight the possibly problematic ones, and here is why.