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Blog post by 26 Apr 2012

BEST Code Challenge v2.0 - We have a winner!

I believe investing in our future is very important. And students are one the most important assets for the future. To prepare them better for the challenges they will face every student should get a chance to work on a real project, learning the know-how skills crucial for his career. That is why we organized the Best Code Challenge student competition held last month. 

Blog post by Ivo Lukač • 14 Mar 2012

Some background on the "BEST Code Challenge 2.0" competition task

So the challenge is revealed on Tuesday 13th. Details can be found here: www.best.hr/code-challenge/v2.0/zadatak (in Croatian).

For the English speaking readers the task can be summarized in just few words: "Mobile Experience of BEST.hr". Of course there are some more details given but the essence of the task is there. I hope students will recognize it and implement the solutions according to our suggestions.

Blog post by Igor Vrdoljak • 17 Jan 2012

Going mobile with eZ Publish

Mobile devices have changed the way we consume the online content everyday. In this post (first out of two), we are proposing ways of using eZ Publish as a platform in different mobile web strategies.